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Why One Guest Won't Be Staying at The Delano For Art Basel

November 19, 2009 at 12:37 PM | by | ()

But it looks so pretty!

The Delano is on the list for Art Basel's preferred hotels and if you're interested in staying there during the art fair it will cost you $825 a night, before tax.

But given what happened there last year during Art Basel, one guest is not returning. A tipster wrote into us with her account of The Delano during Art Basel:

My stay at the Delano in '08 was anything but posh. Two mornings in a row I woke up to no hot water, to make matter worse I was at Art Basel for work.

The hotel said a pipe burst and after I complained they took 50% off one night. They assured me it would be fixed, but the next morning still no hot water. What did they give me that day, free breakfast, but no adjustment to the bill.

Needless to say, I will not stay there this year which brings me to my second tip for HotelChatter. There is a campsite available for use in Miami during Art Basel, does this mean the show has finally jumped the shark?

A campsite for Art Basel? We got so excited by the prospect of such cheap digs located at the Upper Eastside Gardens at 7244 Biscayne Boulevard, especially when hotels were jacking up their rates. But alas, we discovered that the campsite was shut down by the city.

Still it sounded heavenly, tents, cabins, outdoor showers, free WiFi and mini-golf. Maybe next year? Also to answer the other question: Yes, Art Basel has jumped the shark.

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You can camp under the I-195 bridge.  Lots of [sex offenders] people do it