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Meet Us in NYC at the 92Y Tribeca as We Talk Hotels, Travel and Social Media

Where: 200 Hudson Street [map], New York, ny, United States, 10010
November 16, 2009 at 4:54 PM | by | ()

We're assuming you're already following HotelChatter on Twitter and Facebook but if you've ever had the desire to meet us in real life, here's your chance!

On Thursday, December 3, we're talking with a few top travel friends at the 92Y Tribeca. The event, "Travel Gets Social: The New World of Travel Media," brings together Bowen Payson, Virgin America Manager of Online and Digital Marketing, NY Times Frugal Traveler Matt Gross, Adam Wallace, New Media Director for Roger Smith Hotel and others, moderated by the man who started it all: Mark G. Johnson, founder of Jaunted, HotelChatter and VegasChatter.

All the details, after the jump.

Come and hang out with other travelers who need their travel news and reviews now, those whose interests can't be contained in a monthly publication. Join the site editors from both HotelChatter and Jaunted for a real-time discussion on the constantly changing world of online travel and how social media is changing the way travel is bought, sold, reviewed and experienced.

Oh yes—and there is totally a bar at the 92Y Tribeca, with "beers from Brooklyn to Belgium," so we're thinking this event is a great start to a Manhattan evening out. Tickets are $12 per person, available online here, but best of all, we will be raffling off a pair of Virgin America tickets for anywhere they fly. So forget boring conferences and have a beer with us.

Event: Travel Gets Social, the New World of Travel Media
Date: Thursday, December 3
Time: 7:00pm
Location: 92Y Tribeca, 200 Hudson Street near Vestry St, New York, NY 10013
Tickets: $12, available here

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Robert Smith Hotel?

I think its the Roger Smith Hotel you mean...

It is Roger

The image is wrong and we corrected our text. Sorry Roger Smith hotel!