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The Richardson Hotelís Nespresso Machine Helps The Down Under Jet Lag

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  Site Where: 32 Richardson St., West Perth, WA, Australia
November 16, 2009 at 4:29 PM | by | ()

Before heading to Western Australia last week, we heard that Aussies take their coffee very seriously. Thereís a "cappuccino strip" (or several) of cafes in every major city, and each one of my hotel rooms would have a decent coffeemaker in it. One of them even had a deluxe espresso machine that would make a Starbucks barrista drool. Guess that's why Australians always seem so chipper.

However, the coffeemaker during a recent stay that really won out on the quality-of-coffee versus ease-of-use nexus was the one at The Richardson Hotel and Spa in Perth.

Even from the west coast of the U.S., the trip to Perth takes about 24 hours (with a stopover on Australiaís east coast), so by the time we hit our room at The Richardson, we were ready for a little pick-me-up before heading out into the streets. So we were happy to find a cute little Nespresso machine with those single-use coffee caps that you just pop in, hit the brew button, and wait about a minute for a steaming cup of joe.

Letís be honest. More often than not, those instant coffees arenít very good, so it was with mingled expectations that we waited while the coffee percolated. However, we did use the roomís mini milk-steamer (again, just a single button push) to get some nice foam ready. Then, within another minute, we had our very own cafť au laitóor flat white as the Australians call itóand miracle of miracles, it was actually good! Plus, there was no clean-up required.

Some other pampering features of the hotel? A new-fangled "pillow menu" with six different options ranging from a firm neck supporter one to another that uses "magnetic therapy" to work out your travel kinks. The suite also had two LCD flat-screen televisions, one in the living room and one in the bedroom, as well as a huge balcony overlooking the cityís famed Kings Park. Elsewhere in the hotel, youíll find a spa, a beauty salon, sauna and steam room, and an indoor pool.

Opus, the hotelís restaurant and one of the highest-rated eateries in Perth, is adjacent to the lobby on the ground floor, and features a large open dining room as well as a skylit atrium where you can taste Chef Todd Cheavinsís seasonal menu.

Rates for The Richardsonís classic rooms (no living room, no balcony) run around $415 AUD (about $389 USD), and a suite, which is where we spent the night, goes for about $530 AUD ($497 USD).

Disclosure: Eric Rosen stayed at The Richardson Hotel courtesy of Tourism Western Australia.

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