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The San Juan Marriott's You Tube Concierge Makes Virtual Bragging Easy

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October 9, 2009 at 9:43 AM | by | ()

Every time we go away, we feel pangs of guilt if we don’t bring back souvenirs for our nearest and dearest; especially, our beloved dog-sitter. As a carry-on only kinda gal, it can get burdensome, and many times we cop out with a 25¢ cookie cutter postcard with an impersonal message.

Well, the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino just launched a very cool (and complimentary) service that lets guests send a virtual shout out to the folks at home, and avoid the whole issue of having to schlep a bunch of useless tsotchkes. Plus think of all the money you’ll save on ever-increasing postage prices if you’re a postcard kinda person.

Here’s how you can star in your very own San Juan vacation video: The San Juan Marriott has added a new position to its notoriously nice staff, a You Tube Concierge. They’ve also created a You Tube Channel, which features a pretty standard postcard template and spicy Latin music playing in the background that perfectly sets the Puerto Rican vacay vibe.

The You Tube Concierge will roam the property sniffing out willing participants to smile for the camera, show off their tan and tell friends back home just how much fun they’re having – in 30 seconds or less. The YTC will then take the footage back “behind the scenes,” format it with an opening, closing and music and post it on the San Juan Marriott You Tube Channel (after participants have provided written consent, natch.)

Log onto the channel anytime after 5 p.m. that day to view your video postcard and send it to friends, family, jealous co-workers, and even your dogsitter. The hotel doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi (tsk tsk, Marriott!), but it will cough up 30 minutes of free computer/internet access at the hotel’s business center for virtual postcard superstars to watch and send their video.

We like free stuff, for sure, and think this is a really fun promotion (who doesn’t want to mug for the camera, especially with a few Mojitos under your…umm…swim trunks?), but more than anything, think it’s a brilliant plan on behalf of Marriott to get sun-seeking people to Puerto Rico.

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