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Inside The Greenwich Hotel in TriBeCa

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October 8, 2009 at 9:28 AM | by | ()

It only took about a year and a half but HotelChatter has finally seen the inside of the Greenwich Hotel in TriBeCa. Yes, the very same Greenwich Hotel that infamously blacklisted us on its opening day in March 2008.

We knew before we booked our room on that black day that the hotel had a media exclusive. We promised not to run our photos until the exclusive was published but the hotel didn't want to take any chances. And today, a year after officially opening, they still aren't taking any chances.

During our tour, we were not allowed to photograph any of the public spaces in order to respect the privacy of the guests who may be passing through. So we kept our shots to the standard guest room that we saw and all its amenities. We were, however, allowed to snap the quiet sanctum that is the indoor pool.

Keep reading for our thoughts and photos of The Greenwich Hotel!

Guests Only
Now, this may seem snooty not to allow us to take pictures of the public spaces but we kind of liked that the hotel put the guest first. Also, we had just come directly from the Sheraton New York in Midtown where the lobby was a den of businessmen sporting conference nametags, clutching Starbucks coffee cups and fiddling with their Blackberries. The Greenwich Hotel felt like a quiet mansion in the countryside compared with this scene. We didn't want our sad little camera flash disturbing it.

And that's probably exactly what Robert DeNiro was trying to do with this hotel.

Amenity Madness
We saw a variety of room types all of which look different from the other, including the bathrooms. These are spacious rooms by Manhattan standards and all have a sort of plush seating arrangement in addition to the bed. Amenities include flat-screen TVs, complimentary mini-bar snacks, free WiFi and Kiki de Montparnasse condoms in the bath. All of the amenities in your room are complimentary with the exception of alcohol. And with rooms now at a sensible $475 for a courtyard room (down from $725 a night) the price point is even more reasonable.

The Bowery or The Greenwich?
In fact, what sort of spurred our request to tour the hotel was a question from a reader who wanted to know which was a better hotel--The Bowery Hotel or The Greenwich Hotel. Both were $475 a night for the reader's requested dates. We've stayed at the Bowery and we ate at their Gemma restaurant again the other week. The Bowery is happening and there is great people-watching to be had right out front. (In case you didn't know it, the 90s are back judging by the latest fashions the PYTs were rocking.)

But the Greenwich is so quiet and private and very adult. You can't even book an appointment at the Shibui spa unless you are staying at the hotel. If you do want a lively scene during your stay, you could eat downstairs at the adjacent, Locanda Verde, where guests get priority reservations. Then retreat back to the saftey of your rooms. It's really like jetting off to someone's rustic Tuscan estate for a few nights. (Darn you DeNiro for making us feel that way.)

Bottom Line
However, it might be too quiet for some folks. Hushed tones are spoken at the front desk and in the drawing rooms. The hallways are bathed in warm light but we wouldn't dare start up a conversation until we were safe inside our rooms. Still, wouldn't you want to tell your friends you spent the night in DeNiro's "house?" Definitely yes.

Archived Comments:

Love them both

I stayed at both the Greenwich and the Bowery last fall, and agree with your take on each. The Greenwich felt like staying at your rich uncle's estate (thanks, Uncle Bobby!), and seemed like a good place to hole up and pretend to be a celebrity desperately needing privacy. The Bowery also has the celeb vibe, but feels sexier and is much more of a place to be seen.

cant believe

I cant believe they let you in. I wonder if they ban guests from taking photos in the lobby, out of respect for other guests. After all, everyone is a potential blogger!


I love this hotel. Like, LOVE. I have stayed in sooo many hotels all over the world but this one, hands down, has won my heart. The free minibar, the friendly front desk people... And the pool? Bliss. So glad they finally let you in!