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Don't Try Any Funny Business at the Sunset Tower Hotel (Hollywood Business is Ok)

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October 5, 2009 at 3:06 PM | by | ()

According to a recent article in the New York Times, the Sunset Tower Hotel has become not only the latest haunt of entertainment industry heavyweights and deal-brokers, but has also changed the rules and raised the standard about how such a venue should operate.

The illustrative anecdote provided by the Times was about the recent firing of a room-service waiter for leaking a story to US Weekly about Renée Zellwegger champagne-ing it up in a suite with a man. Not only did hotel-owner Jeff Klein hire a private detective to find out who had leaked the story, but he has made it an ironclad directive that any staff member who does something comparable will be fired on the spot.

Beyond that, the hotel is apparently turning away clientele it deems undesirable—cases in point: Britney Spears and Sean Combs. Though given Spears’ problems with paparazzi, being blacklisted at Los Angeles hotels is not a new experience for the pop star.

The article also sheds light on the nature of different well known hotels around the city, listing, for instance, that Harvey Weinstein always stays at the Peninsula while in town, publicists usually schedule interviews at the Four Seasons Bar, and that favorite Hollywood dream story, starlets being plucked from obscurity at the pool of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Hollywood hotels have a special place in the entertainment industry because they are not only places to see and be seen, but, as the Times article points out, most people who are making the deals that keeps Hollywood chugging along (even in a recession) are usually just dropping in from out of town to sign on the dotted line.

The other major trend? A backlash against the too-cool hotel treatment (lobby DJ’s, model-hot but incompetent staffs, poolside blowout parties) of the early 2000’s, and a return to personalized, private service, and quiet, elegant settings. And that is where the Sunset Tower is leading the trend…and justifying the high prices it charges. Apparently clients like CAA partner Bryan Lourd agree, and Vanity Fair even moved its long-running Oscars party there this year.

Should you be one of the lucky few admitted not only for drinks on the poolside terrace or the glamorous walnut-paneled Tower Bar, but even perhaps an overnight stay, rates start at $275 a night.

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