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Guess the Hotel Revealed: Jade Mountain In St. Lucia

Where: Saint Lucia
October 30, 2009 at 2:29 PM | by | ()

Yesterday we tempted you with a stack of infinity pools so delicious yet so mysterious, since it starred as a "Guess the Hotel." Well, the tropical paradise resort is none other than Travel + Leisure's Best Caribbean Resort 2009, Jade Mountain on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. We stopped by for a tour of the famous property, where The Girls Next Door's Kendra Wilkinson spent her honeymoon and where many rich and famous hide away when they need an exotic break.

Run by the same couple who own the beloved Anse Chastanet Resort further down the hill, Jade Mountain is one of those rare properties where it is damn near impossible to take a bad picture; the rooms all claim unparalleled views of St. Lucia's Piton mountains, they all have infinity pools, and the entire compound is focused on the indigenous, organic and natural charm of the island.

Jade Mountain itself was actually designed and constructed (from local materials, by local builders) by Nick Troubetzkoy, the architect owner and one half of the Anse Chastanet-owning couple. Thanks to copious koi fish ponds, the lack of many walls, and only 29 rooms called "Sanctuaries," Jade Mountain effortlessly evokes the serenity and nature of the paradise around it. It's also one of the Caribbean's hottest reservations, and the suites can be booked up to a couple years in advance, especially when it comes to special occasions or island festivals.

With an infinity pool in your room, you might be tempted to stay inside all day long, but then you'd be missing out on half of the hotel's greatest features. Head up to the top deck's restaurant, Jade Mountain Club, for a menu curated by James Beard award-winning chef in conjunction with the resort's own private organic farm. The restaurant also boasts its own infinity pool as well, and it's totally not gauche to swim while others nosh on freshly caught shark and a range of vegetarian options (actually both Jade and Anse have whole vegetarian restaurant options). The best news is that even though you're spending over $1200 a night on your room, these haute cuisine options are mainly $25 and under.

As the high season is just hitting Saint Lucia now, look for Jade Mountain to blossom with activities like cooking and photography classes, jungle biking on Cannondales with their Bike St. Lucia miles of trails, the island's original scuba program, and the creation of their own chocolate from the cocoa beans on the island. The owners are huge into advocating creativity and thus even have an artist-in-residence program. We recommend you look into that if you're a starving (but highly talented) artist desperately in need of sunshine. We're seriously considering art classes as a result; one can hope, right?

Disclosure: HotelChatter traveled to St. Lucia as a guest of Jetblue and the St. Lucia Tourism Board

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Archived Comments:

You had me until "$1200 a night"

As someone still trawling for ideas for a belated honeymoon, St. Lucia has been on my watch list. And Jade Mountain seems ideal ... that room looks amazing. But, but ... $1200 a night. Ouch. Maybe if I keep delaying the honeymoon I'll be able to afford it.

I feel ya

Totally understand. But oh man--those infinity pools. St. Lucia is honeymoon capital of the caribbean so you'll be in good company. Perhaps Anse Chastanet is better for pricing? http://www.hotelchatter.com/story/2009/11/1/232644/810/hotels/Inside_Anse_Chastanet_In_St_Lucia_Oh_T o_Be_A_Snowbird