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The Lovat Loch Ness Promises a Green Stay, But No Monster Sightings

October 14, 2009 at 3:23 PM | by | Comment (1)

We know Loch Ness for its mysterious monster lore and tranquil scenery, but not so much for its green environmental efforts. Which isn't to say that the Scottish aren't pioneering eco-saving projects overseas, specifically in the hotel sector, but other well-known chains like Kimpton have been ruling the news lately.

We recently stumbled across The Lovat Arms, an unassuming hotel that offers views of the surrounding Highlands (and maybe that elusive plesiosaur), touts itself as being "eco-conscious," and has earned a Silver rating from the Green Tourism Business Scheme, the UK's "national sustainable tourism certification" organization.

To reduce the Lovat's carbon footprint, the hotel uses a biomass wood chip boiler, rewards guests who travel to the hotel via public transportation with £22.50 off every three night stay, and £45.00 off for those that walk or bike. Reading over their list of environmentally-conscious initiatives, from incorporating low-voltage lamps to recycling packaging to using pencils made from old video cassettes, we're impressed by the obsessively detail-oriented greenification of the Lovat.

The hotel has hit the news in recent days for teaming up with Sourcemap, a website that allows companies and individuals to track the specifics of their supply chain's carbon footprint. Other hotels might claim to be going green with half-hearted strides like stocking bathrooms with "natural" products, but the Lovat, and other Sourcemap users, are in the business of total transparency. A link on the hotel's website also allows guests to track their personal footprint, bringing awareness to a new level of interaction.

Per a report from Sideways News, Lovat's managing director, Caroline Gregory, is inspiring other hospitality businesses to take advantage of Sourcemap, which might be used to up eco-credibility or find new ways to innovate in the environmental world. Going green in the green Highlands seems like the perfect fit.

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