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What Is Going On With This Hotel Room Key?

October 12, 2009 at 4:28 PM | by | ()

We spent the past four days in Guadalajara, Mexico and we'll have more on the hotel scene there tomorrow but we just had to post this snapshot for ya of our hotel room keycard. It says, "Taller de sexualidad. Desmitificando las disfunciones sexuales en Mexico." And it's accompanied by a picture of a man and woman in a bed that's being carried away (or rescued?) by a parachute.

We're pretty sure you don't need a Spanish to English dictionary to understand what this advertisement is for (a doctor's name is also listed on the card) but we thought it was something you'd get a kick out of.

Seen any other hotel keycards with sexual dysfunction ads on them? Or any other kind of ads? Send 'em to us!

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Cant Compete with that...

Have been in a load of hotels around the world but cant top this! Brice