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Le Meridien Going For The "European Chic" Look

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January 9, 2009 at 4:15 PM | by | ()

After Starwood finally was able to get the Aloft and Element brands off the ground and open, their next job is to reinvigorate the Le Meridien brand which they bought in 2006.

The Le Meridien Bangkok just opened in December and is the first hotel to show off this new design concept which Starwood will formally introduce in March, according to an article in the Bangkok Post.

Le Meridien will be going for the "European Chic" look, which will build on the LM100 promotion that Le Meridien presently is running in their hotels and on their website.

Currently with LM100, Le Meridien promotes artists, chefs and other individuals who put a certain style into their work. The Le Meridien "European Chic" will take it a step further by reflecting that style and the local culture within the decor and layout of each the hotels. After all, Le Meridien was originally started by Air France and most of their hotels are outside America--about 95 percent.

We took a look at the Le Meriden Bangkok on Starwood's website and it looks very similar to W's modern design, but with less of a hip/happenin' vibe. This makes sense as these Le Meridiens are intended to be more business traveler hotels. Although, we do give props for the circular bed. But we have to ask, what's up with the writing on the wall behind each bed? Is it a poem? Bedtime story? What if you can't read the language?

We'll have to see the approach other Le Meridiens take before we form any lasting conclusions, but it's nice to see Le Meridien is finally getting a voice of its own.

Archived Comments:

if it ain't broke

I've stayed in several of the Le Meridien brand properties a few times and I have to say I quite like them as they are. Why mess with a good thing Starwood? Also, in the middle of a recession, you think they'd be busy re-designing their 1.0 prototypes of Aloft and Element based on guest satisfaction scores and comments. But apparently I'd think wrong. Thx for the news Andrew!