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UK Budget Hotels Found Unfit to Lick

January 6, 2009 at 9:43 AM | by | ()

A room at the Ibis Eustson in London.

Here's an early-morning story out of the UK that will give you the heebie jeebies: Holiday magazine sent microbiological technical consultants into sixteen budget hotel rooms around the UK and found some pretty skanky stuff in a few Ibis and Travelodge properties.

In this iteration of the classic evening-news-coming-into-a-hotel-with-a-blacklight operation, the budget rooms were thoroughly inspected and, well, let's just say that the Extended Stay Lick-Everything Chick would not fare well in these rooms.

From a recap of the investigation by BBC News:

Mould was found growing on a mattress at an Ibis hotel on Manchester's Charles Street, while a duvet at the Portland Street Ibis, also in Manchester, had a stain suspected to be blood.

A toilet at Ibis Euston in London was found to have urine and faeces around its seat and urine down its pedestal, the report said.

As for the Travelodge properties with cleanliness issues, high levels of bacteria and dust were found at three Travelodge hotels in London and two in Manchester.

Fortunately, experts have determined that none of the hygiene issues really pose a threat to the health of the guests using those rooms. Unless you lick everything in the hotel room.

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Archived Comments:

this is funny

esp since travelodge uk always has those wacky promotions they do. why don't they do one about cleanliness!

my mother was right

this confirms a long-held conviction in my family that London hotels are dirty, my mother will be so pleased to hear this. When I was 9 years old we stayed in London for a week and she refused to let my sister and I walk on the carpet of the hotel room because it was so dirty.

cleanliness issues!

There is a need to aware about cleanliness of uk hotels. Travelodge uk must do something about cleanliness of Budget Hotels In London.