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Is Steve and Elaine Wynn's Relationship Now Strictly Business?

January 28, 2009 at 9:39 AM | by | ()

Oh noes. We're hearing that the Emperor's Wife is maybe notsomuch the Emperor's Wife at all these days.

Elaine Wynn, Steve Wynn's wife and business partner (she oversees the retail shops at Wynn hotels), has married the Vegas hotelier not once but twice: the pair wed first in 1963, then divorced in 1986, then remarried again five years later. We've always loved her because she's come off as a smart, savvy businesswoman and also, um, Jason Kidd randomly gave her his Olympic gold medal once.

But now, sadly, it looks like Steve & Elaine's relationship is business only. According to the gossip splashed across Page Six today:

Several sources confirm to Page Six that the couple split "several months ago, but have been trying to keep it quiet."

The reason, the sources say, is that the 67-year-old Las Vegas billionaire has "fallen in love with a younger British woman in her late 40s. She is age-appropriate for Steve, at least. Not exactly jailbait, but still, younger than Elaine.

To add insult to injury, the Post also revealed the (former?) Mrs. Wynn's age — which we won't do.

Apparently, the pair, who have two children together, are still on good terms; Elaine was the brains behind Steve's a birthday party last weekend at Encore Las Vegas. Steve is reportedly living in a suite at the Wynn, and Elaine is expected to move "into their home at the Southern Highlands Golf Club when construction is finished." Sigh. Men and those Vegas PYT's...

[Photo: Wally Skalij for the LA Times]

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i need to console elaine

and by "console" i mean, she takes me on a shopping spree and gives me champagne all in return for me telling her that steve wynn is just another no-good useless prick. of course, i won't mean that. i still love crazy stevie.