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Sheraton Philly Forces Guest To Charge Laptop in Bathroom

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January 23, 2009 at 4:09 PM | by | ()

On any given trip, how many gadgets do you travel with? We'd be willing to bet you've at least got a cell phone every time, a laptop some of the time, perhaps an iPod, a curling iron, an electric shaver or even a little personal DVD player if you're into that sort of thing, right? And in your hotel, you'd probably be in need of an outlet or two to plug in said gadgets or at least recharge them overnight, correct? Correct.

And haven't we all been in hotel situations where we've had to crawl under desks or bedside tables or unplug lamps because of a shortage of outlet options or an illogically placed, inconveniently-located socket? It's the worst. You'd think your traveler-of-2009 needs would be considered when hotel rooms are being built or renovated these days — but, miraculously, sometimes they're not.

The next time you're crawling under your desk to plug in your laptop, just remember this photo and remind yourself that it could be worse: you could be faced with no outlets and all — and left with no choice but to plug your stuff into the bathroom wall.

This was posted to Flickr by cubemate, who seemed to have no other outlets in his hotel room at the Sheraton Philadelphia (tags for this shot included "rundown," "atrophy," "missing," and "smell.") He adds:

It was the "3V" floor. If someone of ill repute were to show up smelling of vice, vomit and vermin, I imagine this is where you would put them.

Wow, seriously? Looks like someone might need a renovation soon.

[Photo: Cubemate]

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