MLK's Dream is Coming True But We Can't Call You From DC

January 19, 2009 at 5:29 PM | by | ()

Finding a hotel is often only one part of your trip. The other half is getting there. And our bro Jaunted does a bang-up job of covering the latest news and trends in the travel world. Here are some recent stories from Jaunted that are worth a look.

· Cell Phones On the Fritz: You may not be able to call your friends for meet-ups around DC during the inauguration. And you definitely won't be able to send any of your iPhone snaps via email as cell reception is sucking right now.

· See the Strip from a Helicopter: Finally! Something cool to do in Vegas that doesn't involve gambling, booze or Criss Angel. Just make sure you aren't hungover.

· Have You Ever Successfully Used a TSA-Approved Laptop Bag?: Does this expensive bag work or not? Our experience says no because TSA has problems with consistency across airports. But tell us what you think.

· Philly for Less than $100: Yes. It can be done. Our own JetsetCD managed to do it.

· Celebrities Buck the Naycation Trend: Celebs jaunt off to Europe for vacation. Of course, they are the only people left in America with disposable incomes these days.

PS. Happy MLK Day!

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