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Lego Hotel Will Not Be Made of Legos, But Will Still Be Awesome

January 19, 2009 at 5:11 PM | by | ()

A Lego hotel! A Lego hotel! Embrace your inner child (or go hug your actual child) and celebrate: a Lego hotel is coming to the United States!

Well, maybe: according to the Mercury News, the folks behind Legoland theme park in San Diego is going after permission to build a Lego-themed hotel outside just outside Legoland's magical gates.

The proposed hotel would have 250 rooms and would have "Lego building block-themed rooms" to please the kiddies. Unfortunately, the hotel is not made entirely of Legos, much to our dismay (and seriously, if you build it, we will come).

If you can't wait for the San Diego Lego hotel, we're happy to bring you the news that there is a Lego-themed hotel out there in the world already: Hotel Legoland in Denmark. If you're really serious about your Legos, consider it your holy land; make a pilgrimage there.

Or you can just wait for Donald Trump to "launch" another hotel and you can ogle and fondle the model revealed at the party — remember that model of the Trump Dubai (R.I.P., for now) that looked like a giant Lego sculpture?

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A Lego hotel

i reckon if all the kids on my street put their Lego sets together we could build at least one room ... not sure I would want a Lego bed though ...

Let me know

if the need a feasibility study done...I won't kill this deal, I swear.   :\