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Super Bowl Hotel Rooms Opening Up for NFL Fans

January 14, 2009 at 10:45 AM | by | ()

It's Super Bowl Hotel Season again. While Jaunted has you covered on actually getting to Tampa, we are rounding up the hotel rooms that are still open. Got a hotel room? Let us know where and for how much.

If your team has a 50/50 chance of making it into the Super Bowl and you wanna be prepared to see them go all the way, there are some options opening up. As usual, the further away you are from the stadium the better the chances of finding a cheap hotel room. Here's a few to get you started:

· The Plantation Golf Resort and Spa: $149 a night. The hotel is located in Crystal River, Florida, which is about an hour north of Tampa. This actually looks like a peaceful retreat which you might need if you are a little too tense about the game. And if you want to make the most out of your Florida vacation, the hotel offers a swim with manatees experience.

·Bayview Plaza Waterfront Resort: This teeny hotel is right on Boca Ciega Bay in St. Petersburg (about 30 mins. from Tampa) on a little island called St. Pete Beach. It even has its own little private fishing pier. Rooms are going for $150 a night and there is a 3-night minimum but we just want you to carefully peruse the hotel's website before you book. Jimmy Buffett fans might approve but your wife may not. Its sister property, Plaza Beach, also has similar rates for its rooms.

· JUST ADDED: Extended Stay Hotels: Extended Stay Hotels has four properties within four miles of the Super Bowl Stadium ranging from $249-$399 a night. The Extended Stay Hotels in St. Petersburg and Clearwater start at $199 a night. Visit the website for more information.

Any hotel rooms still open for Super Bowl XLIII? Keep us informed.

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Cheap Super Bowl Hotel Rooms

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Super Bowl Hotels

Rooms are being offered on eBay for reasonable prices. Some are packages with tickets and others are just hotel rooms. ***WARNING: Be careful to make sure they are offering prepaid rooms and not just the opportunity to take over reservations.

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