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Standard Hotels Releases 2009 Staff Calendar

January 12, 2009 at 2:42 PM | by | ()

And we thought the Standard Hotel NYC's new advert was risque. The boutique brand from Andre Balazs has come out with the 2009 Standard Hotel Staff calendar featuring the theme "high school." Although, kids in our high school on the student council definitely never posed with their shirts off or with their tatas nearly exposed.

Designed as a desktop or bookshelf calendar, it measures 7.5” tall by 3” wide when folded, and about 6” wide when assembled.

The calendar was shot on location in LA and features several real Standard hotel staffers. Originally sent to loyal Standard guests as a New Year's gift, about 500 leftovers are now for sale for $20 at the Standard online shop. It's a great gift for family members of staff, guests who found Standard staffers kinda cute and of course, for the Standard staff themselves.

[Photo: NotCot]

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The theme...

high school?  Umm....Even a co-ed college theme would have been risque but do we need to see some people go up on charges??

Standard Calendar

So much for Troy and Gabriella.