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Another Cool Boutique Hotel in Laos: Villa Maly

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  Site Where: PO Box 158, Luang Prabang, Laos
September 24, 2008 at 11:30 AM | by | ()

Luang Prabang in north-central Laos is a town we keep saying is really a place to visit, and now they're even getting yet another boutique hotel. The Villa Maly is due to open on October 1.

Since Luang Prabang is the old royal capital of Laos, then it's not so unusual to create a hotel out of the ex-residence of a local prince, which is what's happened with the Villa Maly. They've created 33 rooms spread across five buildings and it's all a mix of Laotian architecture and French and British colonial influences. Five of the rooms are deluxe and have their own balconies and views over the gardens and pool.

Villa Maly is modern enough, we're pleased to say, to include stuff like WiFi, rain showers and air-conditioning in every room. But until the opening is upon us, we can't seem to get info on how much each room will set us back so stay tuned.

Archived Comments:

Villa Maly forget it!!!

Villa Maly touts itself as being a five star resort. My impression of this hotel would hardly rate it two. There is nothing colonial about the hotel apart from the rather stuffy furniture, I dont know who designed it but I thought all the tables in the room and the lamps in reception were overkill. Service at the restaurant was terrible, I waited 45 minutes for my simple lunch and was the only customer. When I asked the staff for room rates they could not give me an answer and told me to come back the next day!!! One employee was wearing shorts and flip flops like a day at Phuket beach...Le Residence Phou Vao is a much more professional hotel and the service is great. Villa Maly is dead before it begins...

Horrendous Experience

If you are going to be in the delightful town of Luang Prabang, this hotel will ruin what would otherwise be an amazing visit.  As mentioned by Peg, the hotel believes itself to be 5 star, but I have stayed at Holiday Inns with more understanding of what it means to be a good hotel.  For starters, the rooms are tiny and uncomfortable.  I stayed in what was touted as the best room in the house, overlooking the pool on the second floor.  Currently, there are no soap dishes in the shower on which to place your soap, shampoo, razor, etc.  There are no hooks to hang a robe or towel.  The glasses near the sinks are plastic, and the slippers are paper thin plastic, not as nice as you would find at a pedicure place in any major city.  The restaurant claims to have a chef who worked in a restaurant with one Michelin star, but the extremely limited menu has paninis and spaghetti.  It's a joke.  The staff at this hotel spends their days standing in groups hanging out ... service is far from their minds.  They wouldn't know how to give good service, and it is clear that no one in management is interested in teaching them.

And it's no wonder ... the general manager is a NASTY french woman who is more concerned about her own comfort than that of her guests.  When I checked in to the hotel after a long trip to get there, she was in the spa having a pedicure.  I assumed she was a flight attendant (she was wearing a nametag) ... when I walked into the sad one room spa, she didn't even say "hello" or "welcome", she just had a puss on her face as she had her pedicure.  Later I mentioned the failings of the hotel above, and she said in the most condescending voice possible that "she was sorry to hear that, some things haven't arrived yet".  The hotel's internet access, advertised on the website, is not yet hooked up. Wires are coming out of the walls where fixtures should be.  While some of this is temporary, the general lack of professionalism is not.  This place won't make it unless they replace the general manager.  Other guests had similar experiences with her, and my tour guide, from a reputable company in town, said that the buzz was already very negative due to the size of the rooms, lack of professionalism, and nasty GM, who has already made a name for herself among those in the tourism industry in LP.

So ... in short, STAY AWAY.  If you can't afford La Residence, there are many guest houses in town for a fraction of the price, at least as nice, and with a more inviting feel.  With all that LP has to offer, it would be a shame to have this experience tarnish all that is wonderful about LP.


I've just read your comment and I must admit that I don't undersand...
I've been to the Villa during August and September and I keep a fantastic memory of it.
I know Luang Prabang very well, I've been there 15 times and I almost know all the hotels there and I can say that The Residence is the best one !
The rooms are very comfortable  and the furniture is splendid. Go on the website and look at the pictures maybe it will remind you something (if you have really been there of courses) and you'll see that there is plenty of space in the bedrooms.
You said something about the manager that really makes me laught, I know Mary, the manager, and you can't say she's nasty, any thing but nasty please be serious! She's nice, very welcomming and as you say she's got a reputation  in Luang Prabang and a very good one! Can you find me one Laotian people who would say she's a nasty person? please be honest for once!
So.... in short way go to The Residence, it's a great hotel, calm and beautiful and don't listen jealous people!

don't need more explanation

just have a look here to see real comment about the villa maly!!!

it's a wonderfull place to stay in luang prabang and the staff is very nice and professional!!!




that's all!!!

I'am so surprise to see the others comment... my wife and i spend a really incredible time there!!!

thanks again to the staff and specially to the absolutely-not-nasty GM for the unforgetable three days...

we'll be back in few years