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The New Extended Stay Hotels Ad is a Gas

September 16, 2008 at 1:52 PM | by | ()

Good lord. The Extended Stay brand is at it again.

Remember the chick-licking-everything-in-the-room video that was supposed to imply that an Extended Stay guestroom is exceptionally clean?

Behold their newest foray into gross-out advertising: the one minute and three second fart joke that is the latest Extended Stay Hotels commercial.

The words "hotbox" and "dutch oven" come to mind, but do you know what doesn't come to mind? Comfort, now that we can clearly visualize the chick in white PJ's who slept in this bed before us farting straight into the pillow we're resting our pretty faces on. Vom.

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Kinda funny?

I dunno. I thought this was just so-so. However, I feel like my parents would laugh their asses off to it. Weird?

Re: The New Extended Stay Hotels Ad is a Gas

If only 14 year old boys had the funds/necessity to stay at an extended stay hotel...

Re: The New Extended Stay Hotels Ad is a Gas

Hmmmm . . . looks like this might be a self-selecting audience.  They probably don't want people staying in their hotels who aren't bright enough to understand a metaphor! :)  If someone thinks this is advertising a farty hotel, it's motel 6 time for them!

Re: The New Extended Stay Hotels Ad is a Gas

Okay, as a fan of Blazing Saddles, I have to say that I appreciate a good fart joke. But as a matter of establishing an image or a brand I would seriously question whether I would want my client to be known as "the smelliest hotel."
I think Extended Stay is a good hotel chain--I have stayed in one in my travels. Heck, I probably even broke wind in there, but: I didn't advertise it when I did, and by the same token, neither should they.
A guest's comfort in a hotel is a key marketing message, hence the marketing of plush beds, room service, swimming pools, concierge services, etc. But what's next? Extended Stay Hotels: We're So Comfortable We Even Have Toilet Paper? Spare me that visual.
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