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An Open Letter to Atlantis Dubai Re: Your Grand Opening Party

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  Site Where: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
September 11, 2008 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

Dear Atlantis on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai,

You may be familiar with our work -- we're familiar with yours, for sure. You also may understand by now that we take a keen interest in hotel opening parties and tend to get all gushy about them, which usually results in an open letter like the one you're reading now.

So listen. We'll cut to the chase: we hear you're throwing the most expensive private party ever thrown in the history of the world. Literally. $35 million bucks for a grand opening soiree? Dubai is over the top -- this we understand -- but can you please be for real, here?

The fireworks alone cost $6.58 million. And while we love us some Kylie Minogue, you're paying her 4.4 million bucks to sing a few songs and look pretty?

And our last question: you're supposedly taking your first guests on September 24, right? So why isn't this party-of-the-century happening until November 20th?

Oh! Wait. Sorry. Perhaps it got pushed back so you'd have ample time to make sure the girls at HC received our invitations, since 2000 of your closest pals have already been invited. You might as well stuff our envelopes with diamonds while you're at it.

All the best,

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