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A Gossip Girl Celebrates Her Real Birthday at Her Fictional Hotel Residence

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September 12, 2008 at 9:39 AM | by | ()

Everyone pay attention as we are about to do some serious hotel education here. Blake Lively plays Serena van der Woodsen on the hottest new teen drama Gossip Girl. Serena dates (or doesn't, depending on the week) Dan Humphrey. Dan Humphrey is played by Penn Badgley. Penn and Blake are dating IRL (in real life). Are you following?

Gossip Girl is often filmed in the Palace Hotel which--on the show--is owned by Bart Bass, Serena's step-dad. On the show the Palace is uptown, but IRL it's midtown. Confused?

Blake Lively hosted her 21st birthday party at the Palace this week. IRL. With the cast of the show. Is your head exploding? Ours is!

People say that television is not real life, but we so beg to differ. With our all favorite people in all their favorite places both on and off the show, how are we supposed to keep it straight?

Everyone showed up in full costume to the 1920s-era themed party, even Georgina--we mean, Michelle Trachtenberg--who totes kissed Dan! On the show! Not IRL! And everyone's favorite on/off again couple is definitely on in real life because at the party Dan/Penn and Serena/Blake were definitely kissing.

Other special guests included Michael Buble. Wonder if he's going to be on the show any time soon; Jenny Humphrey needs a new boyfriend.

Blake planned the party herself, tellingLife & Style, "I love to plan parties. That would be my career if I wasn't an actress."

Serena, don't you know that it's Blair's job to plan the parties?

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