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Fairmont Fit Sending Shoes to the Needy

August 8, 2008 at 8:53 AM | by | ()

The Fairmont Fit program has been up and guests have been running since the start of 2007 in most Fairmont Hotels. With plenty of Fairmont President's Club members happily borrowing or buying athletic gear so they can keep fit while staying at a Fairmont, they've decided to go one step further and turn the whole program into a touchy-feely donation thing too.

The Fairmont people are currently setting up to help the Soles4Souls program, where "gently used" athletics shoes will be donated to those who need them more in 50 countries. In January 2009 Fairmont will be begging its guests to donate and bribing them a little with partner Adidas, which is providing 15% discount on new shoe purchases.

We've always been a little bit disturbed by the idea that you can simply borrow sporting apparel through this Fairmont Fit program so giving the shoes away might be a better step--when we next work out at a Fairmont we might be borrowing new shoes. Still not sure about the rest of the outfit, though.

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