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Complaining at the Holiday Inn Might Get You More Priority Club Points

August 19, 2008 at 12:38 PM | by | ()

If you're a fervent hotel loyalty program member then you might be familiar with the term Mattress Runner.

These are people who just book hotel rooms to garner a certain amount of points that will either take them to the next loyalty echelon (gold, platinum, etc.) or earn them a free stay.

So the question for Mattress Runners is: What would you put up with for 50,000 points?

We have a first-hand experience of one guest who had much to complain about at a Holiday Inn near the Atlanta airport. Yet it turns out, all that grief made him loaded in Priority Club points. Mattress runners take note.

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Meet Brian McMahan. He's a road warrior, and a patient man so he doesn't set his expectations terribly high for hotels. But when they do fall short, be believes in making it known.

At a recent five-night stay at the Holiday Inn Atlanta Airport North he'd had enough by night three. We can only imagine the look on his face that led the manager to ask, "Should I get a notebook?" when Brian asked if he could tell him about his stay so far.

And well, yes, the staffer should get a notebook. Starting with rude check-in staff, indifferent sales people more interested in commiserating with each other about their colds than in helping Brian arrange a meeting room, a loudly dripping shower, malfunctioning air conditioning (in Georgia in July!) and a dirty toilet with the towels stacked on it (the towel bar had been ripped off the wall), Brian had a whole list of complaints.

The manager duly made his notes then promptly had Brian moved to an upgraded room (one wonders why, as a platinum member of the Priority Club he wasn't automatically upgraded to begin with) and loaded his Priority Club account with 50,000 points.

We don't know about you, but for that kind of swag, we'd deal with annoyances like that for a day or two. While we're in no hurry to stay there, a letter (the old-fashioned kind in the mail) arrived shortly after Brian's stay, apologizing and encouraging him to return. Maybe they put a towel rack back on the wall after all.

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Re: Complaining at the Holiday Inn Might Get You M

Who spends 5 days at an airport hotel? Who has "expectations" from a Holiday Inn? Poor Brian. It sounds like he might never figure out that being happy with a hotel stay is as easy as checking into a decent hotel!

Priority Club complaint

I was a Platinum Priority Club member until this weekend when I cancelled my membership. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Laurel, Maryland and had to cancel part of my reservation because of circumstances that were beyond my control. The hotel refused to take the nights I could not stay off my bill even though I made them aware of this when I checked in, more than 48 hours before the first night I needed to cancel. Priority Club only backed their client and chose to allow me to cancel my membership, rather than try to avoid it. I will make it a point to only stay at properties represented by their competition in the future.