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The Hills Hotel :: Whitney's "Working" Dinner at Sofitel LA

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August 26, 2008 at 1:33 PM | by | ()

The Hills! A new season! Lauren, Heidi, Spencer, Audrina and Whitney are b-a-c-k and we couldn't be happier that our Monday evening guilty-pleasure has returned to us -- and we may have even felt so guilty that we DVRed CNN's entire coverage of the DNC to, er, alleviate some of the shame.

Natch, we get all excited whenever the gang hits up a Los Angeles hotel. You know, what Sex and the City did for NYC establishments, The Hills can do for LA hotspots. In our minds, at least. Anyone want to go halfsies on launching a The Hills bus tour for superfans? No?

On last night's episode, leggy and sorta-bland Whitney went out with her PR firm, People's Revolution, for a "working" dinner at Simon inside Sofitel LA.

First impressions: the space looked nice, but the dinner wasn't, like, a load of fun or anything. The big boss lady was being kind of a bitch, and there were no shots of anyone eating anything -- and not a morsel of food made it on camera.

But there was red wine! Great! Good!

We're sure those TV cameras were annoying to other diners and hotel guests, but the staffers are probably used to all sorts of crazy crap since Britney Spears, John Mayer and even Perez have all dropped into the Sofitel at some point.

We'll be keeping up with the hotels the gang hits up all season long -- but for now, hop on over to Jaunted for episode recaps and even a Hills travel map.

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