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CitizenM Coming to Glasgow, With Amsterdam-Made Rooms

August 20, 2008 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

We already heard that the innovative pod-ness that is the Citizen M hotel chain is planning on opening the CitizenM Glasgow sometime around October next year, but now we're hearing more info about it.

The Scottish version of CitizenM will have 180 rooms and they're building it next to the Theatre Royal. Well, in fact, they're building most of it in Amsterdam: all the "pod" rooms will actually be built in a factory in Amsterdam, then shipped to Glasgow and "slotted into place on top of each other". Neat.

The marketing fizz is always that CitizenM is "affordable luxury"--affordable in Glasgow apparently means rooms starting from £54 (US$100) which we have to agree is reasonable. Since CitizenM plans to have these identical rooms wherever they build their hotels, you can pretty much refer to our in-depth Amsterdam review to figure out if you'll like the Glasgow version or not. Easy, isn't it?

[Photo of CitizenM Amsterdam room: Sacred Destinations]

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