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Back Where It All Begins :: Inside 60 Thompson

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August 18, 2008 at 2:57 PM | by | ()

Last month, we spent a night inside 60 Thompson in Soho, New York--a hotel we had not slept at since 2002, way before the Thompson Hotels began expanding at a rapid rate.

So how does this flagship property hold up compared to the newfangled properties that Thompson has since opened, including the three that opened in NYC in the past year--6 Columbus, Gild Hall and Thompson LES? We have to say, 60 Thompson is still very, very, very good.

After being unceremoniously rushed out of The Carlyle Hotel on the Upper East Side, we arrived in Soho just a tad before the 3pm check-in time. No problem, according to the pretty and friendly (although perhaps too skinny) woman at the front desk. In a few short minutes, we were given a key to our room on the 9th floor.

Room Reaction
The last room we stayed in at 60 Thompson was shoe-box tiny but fortunately this king deluxe room was a lot roomier. The decor has not changed much. There are still muted greys and neutral colors throughout. The all-white bed is anchored by wall-to-ceiling leather squares. It's modern, yet simple.

The bathroom was as sexy as we remember with dark marble tiling and white fixtures. Although, the lighting could have been a bit brighter over the sink for make-up applications.

Amenity Madness
There are Fresh toiletries in the bathrooms which we took home with us and are still eeking out for special occasion showers. There's also free WiFi, a standard mini-bar and cool reading material like Blackbook magazine. Flat-screen TVs and iHome docking stations round-out the high-tech amenities.

A Killer and Anti-View
Our room had a magnificent view of the edge of Soho which was lovely as we stared out the window for about 20 minutes looking at the architectural details on the buildings across the street, also wondering how people survived in NYC without elevators.

But all that was eclipsed by the Trump Hole which is in short, disgusting. We wrote about that back here. We just don't feel like getting worked up over it again.

Above and Below 60 Thompson
Naturally, we had to go up and check-out A60, the exclusive members and hotel guests only rooftop bar. That night, the larger side of the rooftop was closed for a private party. And rain was threatening the skies when we sipped our margaritas in the smaller section. But it's still a treat. Also, we loved the cocktail waitresses' Nicole Miller outfits.

The next day, we headed below 60T to try out the gym. This room is tiny but it fits two treadmills, an elliptical, a bench and some free weights. We ran for 20 minutes and then got claustrophobic. Still we got in a workout.

Service is King
Now for the (in)famous Thompson Hotels Service. Thompson faltered a bit with the Hollywood Roosevelt in the early days with its holier-than-thou service but service is king here at 60T.

Staffers are friendly and courteous without acting like paid servants. They act almost as if they are your friends, friends who want to do nice things for you out of the goodness of their hearts.

Take for instance, one of the doormen. There was some street work going on in front of the hotel and our doorman, Johan (sp?) advised us to wait inside as the smell was sort of unpleasant. We were like, "Um...ok...." but we did as told. Not even five minutes later, a cab rolls up at the front and Johan (sp?)is in the back waving to us to come out. He had gone around the corner, maybe further, to flag down a cab to bring in front of 60T. Awesome.

What We Didn't Like
There's really not much we didn't like about 60T this time around. However, there were some issues in our room with the furniture. One of the nightstands next to the bed is actually a pair of nesting tables and every time we got out of bed we hit our leg on the tables' legs. Ugh. So we moved the smaller, longer table out from under the bigger one and placed it to the side. Ahh...much better.

Bottom Line
60 Thompson gave us a great rate of $299 since we were actually one of those shuffled from the Thompson LES when it failed to open the first time. However, normally rates here are around $450 a night. Often, 60T can fetch up to $700 a night, usually from rich Euros who are taking advantage of the dollar and from other wealthy artists-in-business types. Yet in the dead of winter, you can usually find a deal.

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Re: Back Where It All Begins :: Inside 60 Thompson

I am staying at Thompson's new Donovan House in DC this week and am so far VERY impressed.  Really killer room - that cocoon shower is as cool as has been described, the room is immaculately clean and the service could not be friendlier.  Great location, too.  Very happy thus far!