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The HotelChatter Guide to Great Hotel Sex

September 4, 2008 at 2:56 PM | by | ()

The HotelChatter Guide to Great Hotel Sex

Ever had totally crappy sex in a hotel? Sometimes it's your partner's fault (and sometimes it's yours -- lay off the whiskey, friend), but there are always aspects of your sexytime experiences that depend largely on the venue.

Whether you're a shady politician, a newlywed on your honeymoon or just a horny hotel guest lookin' to pick up a stranger in the lobby bar, we've put together a list of criteria to look for to help you determine if your hotel is the right place for your sensual rendezvous.

· The Room
· The Amenities
· The Bathroom
· The Common Areas
· The Linens

What are your top tips for Great Hotel Sex? Let us know in comments below. (Keep it kinda clean though. This is NOT Penthouse Forum.)

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Re: The HotelChatter Guide to Great Hotel Sex

proper temperature/ AC regulation in the vicinity of the bed is essential.  nothing is worse than a super hot and overly sweaty sleeping area that leads to sticking to the sheets for the next hour or so after sexytime.  also, those wall units that blow -20 degree air on you while in flagrante delicto is pretty tough.

Re: The HotelChatter Guide to Great Hotel Sex

About Hotel Porn (see The Amenities), you have to make sure that like, you are really into that movie. And that it doesn't like, make you want to curl up in a fetal position and cry about the sick sexual minds that we live amongst. Because...that movie ain't cheap!

in the city

If you're staying at a downtown hotel, one that has a great view especially, keep all the curtains open and go at it in the daytime. Not so that the office buildings surround you can be voyeurs, because ideally you wouldn't have buildings that close. Instead, enjoy the view and the height of your position (ah hem) to the fullest.