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HotelChatter Reader Deals:: A Penthouse Suite in NYC for 50 Percent Off

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August 12, 2008 at 3:14 PM | by | ()

Discounted Hotel Penthouse Suite
$1,800 per night

The Buckingham Hotel in Midtown Manhattan is offering up its 2,000-sq-ft Martinelli Penthouse for 50 percent off for the rest of August.

Typically, the suite goes for more than $3,600 a night. But now at $1,800 a night, the suite's king and queen bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, breakfast nook, sprawling living room, fireplace and a terrace with a view overlooking Central Park, can be all yours.

The Martinelli Penthouse, named after the long-time resident and Metropolitan Opera tenor Giovanni Martinelli, can be booked online or by calling (888) 511-1900. The deal expires August 31st.

Pictures of the Martinelli Penthouse are after the jump

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Archived Comments:

A Penthouse Suite Bargain?

Every penthouse suite in New York has a rack rate of $2K+, but most hotels are lucky to sell it at that rate more than 1 or 2 times a week, if at all. Usually it's used to upgrade a vip, or to host an event (for big $$$).

That said, if the hotel isn't sold out, and the penthouse isn't reserved, they will almost always sell it to you for 50% of the rack rate - or less. Just don't plan on throwing a party in there after you check in.

Also, that penthouse looks terrible. Seriously, the Buckingham for $3600/night? That must include open bar for 50 people.

Re: HotelChatter Reader Deals:: A Penthouse


Re: HotelChatter Reader Deals:: A Penthouse Suite

I agree with HighOccupancy. Those hotel pictures do not look very appealing, especially for the price tag.