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Sweet Suite :: The Ivy Hotel's Star Suite Sports a Stripper Pole

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  Site Where: 600 F St. [map], San Diego, CA, United States, 92101
July 9, 2008 at 11:05 AM | by | ()

Bloomberg's Jason Harper went inside the fairly-new Ivy Hotel in San Diego -- which touts itself as an "adult playground" -- and found chains, stripper poles and, surprisingly, good service.

Though he didn't stay in the Star Suite (a reality show was filming there at the time; we hope it was something as awesome as I Love New York), he mentioned the swank space is known for its "adult" features: two king-size bunk beds decorated with chains, a six-person shower and, yes, an elevated stripper pole.

The reviewer's room was what he called "provocative":

The sleeping area and bathroom are separated by a clear glass cube -- the bathtub/shower. Not only does this put you into the open while lathering, but the large wide windows, outfitted with accordion-style shades, are easy to peer through from the condos across the way. A voyeur's dream.

You say provocative; we say...sort of unfortunate for the residents in those condos.

Harper was also digging the quick roomservice, great restaurant/nightclub scene and his floor's butler, who took care of shoe shine for one of his buddies.

Since this "adult playground" is indeed a party hotel, it's worth noting that the management warns guests that the scene gets pretty loud on weekends.

As Mr. Harper said, "if you're not in the mood to be part of the party, best sleep elsewhere because the party will come to you."

And at The Ivy, the stripper will come to you, too.

Premium rooms start around $349; reservations can be made here.

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Who needs that?  Do people really need this as stimulation?

Re: Sweet Suite :: The Ivy Hotel's Star Suite Spor

Is San Diego really the right market for this? I would Vegas would be more appropriate.

Y'all are crazy!

Speaking as someone who once lived in San Diego, this hotel is going to be a huge smash.  SD is a awesome party town, and a great getaway for the frisky newlyweds and couples looking for some fun in the sun . . . and a six person shower.  I'm making the reservations for me and Jenna as we speak.