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Hotel DeathWatch :: Starwood Capital's 1 Hotel Brand Turning Into Just One Hotel

July 28, 2008 at 1:36 PM | by | ()

With a very (very) heavy heart, we are reporting today on something from our sources: Starwood Capital's 1 Hotel & Residences brand is being substantially scaled back.

We mean like.. Instead of the 6 locations listed on their website, and an additional three locations announced since then (Atlanta-Buckhead, Cleveland, Ohio & Vancouver, BC), the world will only see one or two 1 Hotels open in the next few years, as the rest have been permanently or temporarily put on hold due to market conditions.

Our sources tell us that only the Vancouver, BC location and New York City location are still scheduled to be built, although the NYC location will probably not be in Bryant Park.

Here's a breakdown of what we've been able to figure out has happened with each of their locations:

Ft Lauderdale: That location just mysteriously dropped off of 1 Hotel's website one day.

Washington DC: We've heard reports a few months ago that construction begun - but no updates since then.

Seattle: Lets see... Put on hold, scaled back, put completely under Starwood Capital's control - now cancelled?

Buckhead-Atlanta, Georgia: All references to 1 Hotel were suddenly removed from the Streets Of Buckhead's website, renderings and promotional materials.

Mammoth Mountain: Put on the backburner because of parking woes at the Mountain.(We're betting the economy played some part in this one.)

Paris: Um...Nothing has ever ever been said about this location since 1 Hotels was announced in 2006. So we're going to take an educated guess here and say that was cancelled.

Scottsdale: Scottsdale's local paper said its back on track - but maybe not anymore.

Cleveland, Ohio: Still looks like it will be built according to the website - but who knows?

Sigh. We're just at a loss of words.

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The site of the supposed 1 Hotel in Washington is still just an ugly, empty building which formerly housed the Nigerian Embassy.  I have been waiting for activity on the site, but there's a dearth of activity on site.  

Re: Hotel DeathWatch

Ah! Thanks Tom - we thought that some work had actually started there.