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HotelChatter OpenThread :: Who Charges Resort Fees?

July 7, 2008 at 2:15 PM | by | ()

Resort Fees are never loved. No one likes ponying up another $20 atop a room rate at check-in. And resort fees are a major buzzkill when you think you've found a room within your budget only to find out that you have to pay an extra $35 a night.

Hotels know that these resort fees suck so they try to trick you by calling it different things like a "Service Charge" or a "Hospitality Fee" or even a "Bellman's Gratuity Fee." But whatever they call it, it still feels like a serious case of nickel and diming.

As we've seen with hotel WiFi, hotel guests don't like to be charged for extra services. We would rather you just roll that into the room rate.

But could there be a silver lining to resort fees?

Some resort fees that we have encountered recently we didn't mind, especially when they covered the cost of valet or self-parking and in certain situations, internet access. Some hotels charge $15 a day for WiFi, while resort fees can be $20 and cover internet, breakfast and parking.

Sure, it's not ideal but if a resort fee saves us from constantly having to pull out our credit card or fumble for single bills to tip the staff, then maybe resort fees can actually make your hotel stay easier. Then again, some resorts charge a fee that doesn't include internet or parking or anything extra that's really of value.

Here we're hoping to create an unofficial list of hotels with resort fees and what you get for those extra dollars a night.

Below, name hotels you know that charge resort fees, what they are, and what you get for your fee dollars.

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Re: OpenThread:: Who Charges Resort Fees?

Let's see...Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel charges $25 resort fee. When I stayed there two years ago it didn't include internet but now it does. It also includes a bunch of other things. Notice how you can use the beach chairs for this charge. Ridiculous.

The La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs area charges $27 which includes high speed internet, self parking, access to fitness center; local, 800 and credit card calls.

Resort Fees at Hawaii Hotels

I'm happy to report that our company, Travel-Hawaii.com, maintains a data base of Hawaii Hotels, and one of the things we carefully track is Resort Fees--both how much they are and what they provide. There's currently 15 hotels in Hawaii that charge Resort Fees. We have a special web page listing all of this info here: Travel-Hawaii.com/hawaiiresortfees.html Aloha. JL

Re: OpenThread :: Who Charges Resort Fees?

hardrock hotel in  vegas close to 8 dollars .you get a shuttle to the strip if you want thats runs only during the day. they claim there's a resort fee but still charge it in the winter when the pool is cloosed.

Resort Fee $7 per day  plus taxes

Resort Fees

The Caribe Hilton in san Juan Puerto Rico Charges resort fee of 22.26 per day along with 14.31 room tax and 10.00 occupancy municipal.... That is an additional $46.57 on top of my $159 room rate...  This is going to make it more difficult to travel with my family in the future.

Resort Fees

The Parker Palm Springs charges a resort fee (btw 25 and 30 bucks) but it includes Wi-Fi,  access to the spa, the saline pools and I believe it includes parking. The Parker is also just an amazing place to stay for a few days.

rock center hotel

i just found this. rockefeller center hotel charges a $10 fee for the rooms with a refrigerator and microwave.

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Resort Services Fees Are Illegal!

Just about every hotel in Palm Springs charges an RSF, even the ones that aren't really resorts.  They started around 1999, at least that's where I first encountered them, at the Westin in Rancho Mirage.  When I asked what it was, they immediately took it off my account, like they were embarrassed.  Ever since then, I've asked various hotels to justify their RSFs, and have come up with several different excuses, none of which can overcome the fact that this is simply an illegal Bait-And-Switch charge.  Imagine if you came to my restaurant and I charged you a $3 "Silverware Usage Fee."  Same thing.  It's illegal, plain and simple.

UPDATE: Please join new Facebook group on RSFs!

This thread should actually be cataloging resorts that DON'T charge an RSF, so ubiquitous is the practice now...anyway, I started a group on FaceBook called "Resort Services Fooey!" in which we are leading the charge against these insidious and barely-legal fees.  I don't know how to provide a direct link, but please go to Facebook and join the group "Resort Services Fooey!"  Let's stop grumbling and DO SOMETHING!!!


It's an UPGRADE. You can choose to stay in a room that doesn't have those amenities. We're talking about a mandatory fee for staying in a resort - on top of the fee you ALREADY pay for staying in a resort, namely the room rate.

Resort Fees?

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Tuscany Suites & Inn-$14.00 per day

They charge $14.00 per day.  That was on top of our $29 per day.  By the time you are done paying taxes and fees it is well over 50 per nite.  What a rip and didn't even see what the 14 dollars was for.