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Mmm Burgers :: Best Hidden Hotel Burger Shops

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BLT Burger has just opened inside of the Mirage in Las Vegas and we're already drooling. The all-burger dining experience comes from Chef Laurent Tourondel, he of the BLT Steak and BLT Market fame and here's a taste of what you can expect:

Specialty burgers include the Tex-Mex, a 7-ounce beef burger with jalapeños, chili, avocado, salsa, jack cheese, onions and sour cream; Lamb Tandoori Burger, a slightly spicy Colorado lamb burger topped with mint-cilantro yogurt sauce, cucumber, olives, red onion and tomato; and a signature Meatball Burger composed of ground veal, pork and ricotta and served with garlic pomodoro sauce.

Don't forget about the burger homage to Las Vegas: The Stripper, a 7-ounce beef burger in true Las Vegas style with lettuce, tomato, onion and bell pepper without the bun. A classic burger here starts at $12 and the Kobe burger is a pricier $17.

So with the opening of BLT Burger inside the Mirage, we thought we'd let you know of a few other noteworthy hotels in the U.S. that feature burger shops.

Keep Reading to Find Out Where.

· 25 Degrees at the Hollywood Roosevelt

For us, we don't know what's better: the fact that 25 Degrees serves enormous juicy burgers any way you like 'em, or the fact that the shop is open 24 hours. You can order from the Favorites menu--three choices of prepared burger specialties (we're partial to the Number One) at $12.

Or you can take control: the Build-It-Your-Own menu starts at $9 for the meat, $1.50 for the cheese and a $1 for any other extras you like. Don't knock the fried egg atop your burger until you've tried it.
--25 Degrees Menu

· Burger Joint at the Le Parker Meridien

This Burger Joint is supposed to be a secret within the Le Parker Merdien Hotel in New York-- the hotel's website even has a secret page for this burger shop. But the goodness of the Burger Joint is kind of the worst-kept secret out there.

Architecture and Travel went inside and has a step-by-step, bite-by-bite review. But what we like most about the Burger Joint: a simple burger is a simple $7.
--Burger Joint Menu.

· Burger Bar at the Mandalay Bay

[Photo: VirtualEm]

Here in Vegas, another hoity-toity celeb chef has decided to keep things simple with the Burger Bar. Hubert Keller of Fleur de Lys at Mandalay Bay has created a burger heaven with classic options as well as build-your-own. Simple burgers start at $9, but a special Kobe burger called The Rossini (topped with sautéed foie gras and shaved truffles) will set you back $60.

But Keller probably takes the bun here by making burger desserts like the Chocolate Burger, the Peanut Butter and Jelly Burger and the Creamy Cheese Cake Burger. Don't worry, the "burger" is really a warm donut. Sadly, Burger Bar is only open until 2am on the weekends.
--Burger Bar Menu.

· Custom Burger at the Americania Hotel

JDV Hotels took over this Best Western and added the Custom Burger/Lounge as a dining option. Here you can gobble down a customized burger at lunch in the restaurant, or get your fix at night in the sexy lounge where you can chase your meat with specialty cocktails (there's bottle service too!)

The SF Chronicle wrote:

Grab a pencil and order pad and create your burger from more than 40 toppings and sauces, including everything from grilled pineapple and hoisin glaze to sweet piquillo peppers and romesco sauce.

Burger prices range from $5.99 to $10.99 and additional toppings like cheese, fried eggs, and chili start at $.99.
--Custom Burger Menu.

Know of more hotels with burger shops inside? Add to the list by putting your suggestion in comments below.

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Re: Mmm Burgers :: Best Hidden Hotel Burger Shops

Holy Cow! Did you know there is an entire blog devoted to hotel burgers? Here it is: HotelBurgers.com The blogger also lets us know that the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills has Bistro Burger Nights every Monday. It's not a burger shop, but it will satisfy your craving.

Re: Mmm Burgers :: Best Hidden Hotel Burger Shops

that sounds like the most localized blog EVER. I am both enamored with and repelled by the idea

Re: Mmm Burgers :: Best Hidden Hotel Burger Shops

Right about now, I am wishing there was an In n Out truck parked outside my apartment.