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ABode Glasgow Has "Enviable" Rooms That We Don't Envy

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  Site Where: 129 Bath Street, Glasgow , United Kingdom, G2 2SZ
June 30, 2008 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

There's one thing that instantly annoys us about the ABode Hotel Glasgow: that arty capitalization of the second letter. Any self-respecting word processing software immediately whips that "B" into a lowercase letter, and so it should, we think.

But let's get beyond such pedantic issues for a second. The ABode in Glasgow has promise: we like that its 59 rooms are classified into four levels, comfortable, desirable, enviable and fabulous. (Much like W Hotels categories of rooms--wonderful, spectacular, fabulous, mega, wow, etc.")

Plus, it's centrally located near train stations and they give you free WiFi in the café. So far so good.

Not all is rosy at the ABode, according to the weekend's >NY Times review. Frank Bruni got moved from a "comfortable" room into an "enviable" one, but found the only enviable thing was a large amount of (unused) space--otherwise each room was as bland as the other. He also found the neighborhood around the ABode lacking in atmosphere and the restaurant and lobby areas seemed to match in with that.

For the price: £130 (US$260) for the basic comfortable room and £225 (US$450) for a fabulous one, it seems to be not quite good enough. But then again, that could be just our prejudice against awkward capitalization of names.

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