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Movie Set Hotel :: The Golden Nugget is The Scene of "The Grand"

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June 27, 2008 at 3:10 PM | by | ()

"The Grand" is a pretty much a straight-to-video movie starring some big names like Woody Harrelson, Ray Romano, Cheryl Hines, Richard Kind David Cross, and Chris Parnell.

Despite its limited theater presence, the Grand is actually pretty funny if not a little too long. Woody stars as a fuck-up heir to an old-school casino, The Rabbit's Foot, and due to his excessive drug use and poor management style, the casino is in peril.

A mega-Vegas hotelier/developer named Steve Lavisch (hah, get it?), played by Michael McKeen, wants to demolish it and build One Lavisch Plaza. One Lavish Plaza is actually a skyscraper hotel that consists of just one room, available for for $10 million a night. Hah.

Thus Woody needs to earn money to keep his hotel (which was started by his ball-breaking grandfather Lucky) so he enters into a winner-takes-all Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament.

The rest of the movie is a really a Christopher Guest-style spoof on the poker tournaments that are all the rage on ESPN.

The Golden Nugget is the hotel where the poker takes place and where the guests are put up. As for the Rabbit's Foot, it does indeed get saved from the hands of Lavisch but meets an untimely end anyways.

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