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Everything Else Inside The Wynn Las Vegas

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June 17, 2008 at 5:37 PM | by | ()

The goodies at Wynn go beyond the mini-bar.

Since HotelChatter has stayed at the Wynn Las Vegas several times, we aren't going to bore you again with what's inside the rooms. However, we will say that we have stayed at a lot of hotels in Las Vegas and this is the one we want to keep coming back to.

Part of that does have to deal with spacious rooms (strip views help too) and plush amenities but we also liked what the hotel had to offer outside the rooms.

Dining: The Wynn has some killer restaurants like SW Steakhouse, Alex, and the Daniel Bouloud Brasserie, the latter two which have received Michelin stars.

We hit up Wing Lei, the fancy Chinese restaurant near the Tower Suites on the first night. This restaurant also has a Michelin star and did not disappoint. Although to be honest we stuck with fairly low-pro fare like potstickers, lemon chicken, prawns and fried rice.

Still, if it's good enough for John O'Hurley, star of the in-house production of Spamalot who sat next to our table then we can't complain.

We also sat at the bar the second night for dinner at Corsa which was straight-forward Italian fare. We had the spicy bucatini and the guy sitting next to us (who we just happened to be married to) had one of the pizzas.

There was nothing "Oh my god" about this food but we had fun chatting with the bartenders who all sounded completely happy working at the Wynn. One of them had even been there since it opened. That's a pretty good sign here.

We also received complimentary buffet tickets but that line was hellish on a Sunday afternoon, so we skipped it.

Late night we hit up the 24-hour restaurant the Terrace Cafe which serves amazing comfort food for the drunk and hungry. Here is a great place to eat a good burger, or chicken fingers and watch drunk guys pass out at the table. We saw this actually happen. Even sadder, said guy was dining alone.

Spamalot: Speaking of John O'Hurley, we caught the 7pm showing of Spamalot on our second night. Spamalot is a great show but we think the British humor may have been lost on the crowd. Only when the jokes turned to fart humor, did the crowd really get into it.

Perhaps a telltale sign the show is not doing so well, the Wynn was giving away two show tickets as a part of its Red Card promotion for new players. If you joined up and earned 25 points, then you could swipe your card for a spin on some Red Card wheel. You could have a chance at winning thousands of dollars in casino credit or show tickets. Most people, we gather, won the show tickets.

It's also a computerized wheel that activates when you swipe your card. Thus we think it's rigged to give you show tickets most of the time so that Spamalot can fill the seats.

Anyways, Spamalot is closing down soon and will be replaced by Danny "Still Relevant Somehow" Gans. Sad.

Spa: We hit up the spa on our last day with our first treatment, a facial, starting at 9am. We were also able to secure a late check-out of 1pm and it's been a long time since we were able to get that in Vegas.

The spa is wonderful. Aside from having great treatments and technicians, the Wynn spa has a lot of goodies too. There's plenty of bottled water (free) and soothing tea options and all the toiletries we women like to use while getting ready--like razors, makeup remover, nail polish remover, powder, hair care, etc.

If you like whirlpools (we don't), the spa has a good-sized one, flanked by two plunge pools, along with a steam room and a sauna.

The fitness center is available to spa guests free of charge but regular folks must pony up $25.

Gambling: Whether you stay at the Wynn or not, sign up for a players card and depending on how much you gamble, you can get some comps. Lower tier gamblers who like to hit up the nickel and penny slots (yes, the Wynn has them!) can always earn at least a free buffet ticket. Braving the buffet line, however, is another story.

We closed out the night on Saturday playing craps which we like never do. But we had a hot table with hot shooters and let's just say that everyone earned money by the time we went to bed at 3am.

Service: While we have often found many staffers in Vegas to be friendly, the Wynn crew is somehow someway better, friendlier and more helpful than all the rest. Not once did we encounter any surliness or impatience. And the attitude amongst the employees that we chatted with seemed to be, "We don't want to work anywhere else." Steve Wynn is doing something right here.

Gratuitous bedroom shot.

Bottom Line: We actually got our room for "free" because someone we just happened to be married to went on a drunk gambling binge last September. The casino must have felt so bad for him they offered him a free room for two nights.

Never mind, we spent enough money back in the hotel to keep Steve Wynn happy. Although, he might not like to hear about our craps winnings.

[Note: We didn't hit up the pool scene as we spent a good portion of Saturday drunk off margaritas and shopping. Dangerous. But here's our previous take on the Wynn pool.]

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Re: Everything Else Inside The Wynn Las Vegas

The Wynn IS awesome, ignore the haters, and yes, you indeed can get comped...my first visit, I stayed in a parlor suite and charged up thousands in food and other charges, and my play got 75% of the total bill comped and an invitation to have the casino host make my arrangements for me my next visit...that's @ about $300+ per hand of blackjack or spin on the single-zero roulette wheel, for 2 hours a day, not exactly "whale" play...see my other comment on the previous Wynn post for address to my full review on tripadvisor.com

Re: Everything Else Inside The Wynn Las Vegas

The other great thing about the Wynn is the TV gets about 80 channels!!! (at least in the tower suites section, anyway...;-)

Re: Everything Else Inside The Wynn Las Vegas

Great review. I haven't stayed at the Wynn yet but definitely plan to the next time we're in Vegas. And I'll definitely sign up for the players card. My boyfriend gets drunk and gambles all the time and what do I get? Nuttin'. That's got to change.

Re: Everything Else Inside The Wynn Las Vegas

The other cool thing at the Wynn is your room card IS your players card, so no signing up needed if you're staying at the property...

Re: Everything Else Inside The Wynn Las Vegas

oooh thanks for reminding me on that one. you do sort of sign up at check-in. but also you should get another card to use as your players card instead of your room key. it gets confusing carrying two around, but i would rather do that than leave my room key in a slot machine.

Re: Everything Else Inside The Wynn Las Vegas

If you open a line of credit, and stop by the credit office before you check into the hotel, they will give you a red card with just your name on it that you can use even when you're not staying there, just make sure when you check into the hotel that the account number on the room keys matches the account number on the original red card they gave you...also, you can have you and your boyfriends cards linked into one account to get the maximum comps during your stay...