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Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba Avoid Each Other at the Beverly Hills Hotel Coffee Shop

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June 2, 2008 at 8:05 AM | by | ()

The Beverly Hills Hotel has a little coffee shop on its basement level just past the gift shop and the salon and it is truly one of our favorite places in Los Angeles.

There are only counter seats and only about 20 seats at that. The shop serves up all your favorite diner fare, although the hotel prefers to call it "informal" menus.

We rolled up there Saturday afternoon and were enjoying our tuna melt and classic coke when Lindsay Lohan and an assistant walked in. The duo took two seats at the end of the counter and the coffee shop quieted as peeps tried hard to look like they were not staring at her.

We're not sure what the hotel staff thought when Lindsay stepped into the Pink Palace, after all they are still recovering from Britney's breakdowns there.

Lohan looked like she just rolled out of bed with last night's makeup and eyelashes on. But it goes beyond that. She looked very hard-up. She's a pretty girl but too many stays in rehab does not help your complexion.

Content with this celeb sighting we went back to our meal. But again we were interrupted when two hotel security staffers came into the coffee shop to inquire about some empty seats. (The coffee shop is always crowded and it's hard to get more than two seats together.)

We figured these security dolts were working for another famous person. Lo and behold, newlyweds and parents-to-be Jessica Alba and Cash Warren came in and sat down. Right next to Lohan.

We don't think Jessica Alba even acknowledged Lindsay Lohan when she sat down, and why should she? She's nine months pregnant (and beautiful), she has other things on her mind than making niceties with a fading teen star.

Aside from being diva-like by making the security scope out the coffee shop for seats, Alba and hubby Cash were down to earth and friendly to the waitresses and cooks behind the counter. Lohan, on the other hand, ditched her salad a few minutes after Alba sat down and headed out. There's just not enough room at the coffee shop for two actresses.

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Re: Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba Avoid Each Othe

Lohan's makeup wasn't from last night...you know it was probably a reapply at 3am while still out partying. Also, ewww old fake eyelashes!

LL and Alba party together few year ago

Lindsay looks absoultely gorgeous at Movie Award the next day when she chatting with Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp but miss Alba always look terible without makeup.