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Westin Woos Us With Wiis

May 5, 2008 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

Just perfect for our generation of short attention span travelers (and we definitely include ourselves), Westin Hotels are going to help us get fit by including the Wii gaming system in their fitness centers. That means that we'll be able to play virtual bowls or do some virtual boxing rather than just sitting on an exercise bike staring at the TV. And that means we have half a chance of being interested enough to do it.

The Westin-Wii deal has started out with installation at the Westin Bellevue near Seattle and the Westin Times Square in New York. During this month, the Wiis will be turning up in a number of other Westins including Houston, Kansas City, San Francisco and Toronto, and if guest feedback is positive they plan to install them in more.

Nintendo's done a deal with Westin to give them Wiis that will automatically update to the newest versions and games, no disc required, so it's not even a system that will get out of date. We have to admit, we think we would make a booking decision purely based on the Wii. Would you?

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