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NBA Finals Hotels :: Scoping Out the LA Hotel Scene

May 30, 2008 at 2:52 PM | by | ()

So the Los Angeles Lakers are in the NBA Finals this year. (Um...yay?) Should you find yourself needing a hotel room in Los Angeles to cheer on the Lakers, or either the Detroit Pistons or Boston Celtics, we've put together a few selections for the different types of fans.

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· Closest to Staples Center: The hotel closest to the Staples Center would be the Holiday Inn LA City Center which is directly across the street and shadily, where you can pick up some game tickets.

· Team (and Groupie) Hotels: We are pretty sure either visiting team will be put up in one of the city's luxury hotels. However, we have personally seen basketball teams roaming through the Loews Santa Monica and the Beverly Wilshire. Also, we have this strange feeling that the W Westwood might see some NBA action as well.

· Where to Hang With Fellow Bandwagoners: LA is notorious for bandwagon fans so if you don't really care who wins or loses but just want to hang with the ballers and their celeb fans, you should probably get a room at the Hollywood Roosevelt. This will also ensure access to Tropicana and Teddy's if you go early enough.

· Our Suggestion for True Fans: For someone who genuinely cares about their team, we suggest The Omni Hotel Downtown. The hotel is close enough to Staples (you still may want to cab or bring good walking shoes) without being near any of that game-day clusterf--k that happens.

Plus Omni has free internet so you can read the post-game reports online without coughing up some fees. Lastly, it's near to the rooftop bar at Standard Hotel should you crave a party scene or want to celebrate a win.

Got your own suggestions for NBA Finals Hotels? Let us know.

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Go Celtics!

Hopefully they win tonight.