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Feel Like A Million Dollars at Sydney Hilton, Because That's What It Costs

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May 28, 2008 at 9:03 AM | by | ()

All right, we've found our ultimate hotel getaway: but now we need a million dollars. The Sydney Hilton has started up a Million Dollar Package which, just like it sounds, is a hotel package costing a million dollars. (A million Australian dollars, that is--which is just US$960,000 at the moment, if that makes you feel any better).

The Million Dollar Package is one of those ultimate luxury deals, with a few rather expensive surprises. Yet we're not quite sure who would book it other than Montgomery Brewster who needs to spend $30 million in 30 days.

For starters, the Million Dollar Package gives you the Master Suite (which is the whole of level 42) for yourself for two nights, and on the second night you can book in 100 friends who'll get to stay in the executive floors after you party on in the Zeta bar together.

Then there's the fancy meal from chef Luke Mangan, including dishes he specially created for people like Nicole Kidman and Bill Clinton. You get a new tailored suit, a very fancy ring (a 12.16 carat pear shaped diamond valued at $345,000) and, so you'll never forget the stay, a brand new car. Not just any car, but a $455,000 convertible Bentley.

Not surprisingly, the hotel admits that nobody's taken them up on their package yet. But they've done their research and found there are 146,000 millionaires in Australia, so they reckon it's just a matter of time. Let us know if you ever sign up for the Million Dollar Package. We are darn curious about it.

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