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Thompson's Donovan House Set to Open Rooftop Bar ADC This Weekend

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May 23, 2008 at 1:19 PM | by | ()

Listen up, Washingtonians of the DC kind (not of the total abstinence society kind): you will be getting a Thompson Hotel rooftop bar and pool this weekend. ADC at Donovan House.

As with other Thompson rooftops it's only for hotel guests yet will eventually open up to invited guests who will carry a special key card a la A60 at 60 Thompson. A flack for Donovan House wrote in:

For now, food and beverage service is being handled by Il Mulino until the new Todd English restaurant is ready. But ADC will eventually have a bar/nightlife component serviced by the new Todd English restaurant in the hotel.

The Todd English restaurant will open sometime in mid/late Fall. So, another Thompson Hotel that's still only open in bits and pieces. Like Thompson Beverly Hills which will unveil its rooftop pool/lounge sometime this June. And Gild Hall, despite a promise of an April opening for the Todd English restaurant, still doesn't have an on-site restaurant.

Maybe we were too harsh on Thompson about their inability to open hotels on time. Because look at what we have now--half-open hotels. Argh. Back to the drawing board.

Also, Thompson is notorious for not having pictures of its hotels. If you go to ADC, snap a few pics for us please!

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Re: Thompson's Donovan House Set to Open Rooftop B

Loving that cgi rendering of the couple making out in the back right corner. DC heating up!

Re: Thompson's Donovan House Set to Open Rooftop B

hahaha, i just noticed that. they are getting freeakky!