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Guess The Hotel :: At Which LA Hotel Did Singer Morrissey Kick Out a Magazine Editor?

May 13, 2008 at 9:36 AM | by | ()

Singer Morrissey, former frontman for the Smiths, pulled one of the most outrageous diva acts in a hotel that we have yet to witness. Seriously, we would have rather he thrown a TV out of the window than this.

Apparently, Morrissey discovered that a a magazine editor of the music publication NME was staying in the same hotel as him. Since the mag printed an interview last December which suggested the singer was racist, Morrissey asked the hotel to remove the editor from the hotel, which they did.

However the demand backfired for Morrissey. The editor, Conor McNicholas, was actually upgraded to a penthouse suite at a sister hotel.

So HotelChatter mavens, can you guess the L.A. Hotel which accommodated Morrissey's demands without losing the business of the NME editor? We're gonna say Chateau Marmont whose sister property is the Standard Hotel down the road.

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Re: Guess The Hotel

So...a guest asks a hotel to remove another guest, and they comply??? Based on nothing more than personal dislike?

I don't think that sets a good precedent...

Re: Guess The Hotel :: At Which LA Hotel Did Singe

yeah, that's pretty much it. morrissey claims he had a "very good relationship" with the hotel so they did it for him. i.e. morrissey probably threatened to tell everyone in the music biz to blacklist this hotel...

Re: Guess The Hotel

I'm agree that a threat was made somewhere along the line, either by M's record company, or his managers, or him.

The obvious downside is allowing a guest to wield more control than the hotel itself.  Obviously you want to cater to your clientele, but then there's bending over backwards and abandoning common sense.  

It's their squabble -- as long as they're not physically brawling in the lobby, let the two of them work it out. Otherwise, everyone should be free to stay, as long as their credit is good.

Re: Guess The Hotel :: At Which LA Hotel Did Singe

Hmm... Now I know how to get upgrades: Piss off Morrissey in print, then follow his hotel stays while he's on tour.

Re: Guess The Hotel :: At Which LA Hotel Did Singe

I'm stumped on this one. I just keep thinking of which hotels have sister hotels... Maybe it's the Roosevelt vs Thompson BH, maybe it's Shutters vs del Mar...