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Guess The Hotel:: Call Girls for Charlie Sheen in Santa Monica

May 1, 2008 at 1:28 PM | by | ()

Page Six has the scoop on a new article from Rolling Stone about a high-end call girl service that once sent pretty girls to allegedly "work with" Charlie Sheen at a hotel in Santa Monica last year.

Sheen's rep told the gossip column, "This is an old, old, old story." But he didn't quite deny it.

Thus, a new version of Guess The Hotel begins. This one is slightly different because whereas in previous editions we held the answer, this time we're asking you to put your guesses forth as to where high-end call girls would go to service clients.

To help you out we've come up with a list of potential call girl hotels in Santa Monica. We've also mapped out these locations so as to give you a better idea of where they are. And because we like maps!

*Note: We aren't saying Charlie Sheen definitely took call girls to these hotels. This is purely a fictional fantasy map.

See our suggestions after the jump.

· Shutters on the Beach: Might be too classy for call girls, but it is a celebrity fave as far as hotels go. And if we're talking high-end girls they might just blend in with the rest of the Westside eye candy.

· Viceroy: Another celebrity fave and hot hangout. High-end call girls could definitely infiltrate the gelled hair and cleavage-baring masses that crowd around the pool at night.

· Fairmont Miramar: An older, boring hotel. It's not really call-girl material but it's large (That's what she said.) Working girls could totally slip in and out unnoticed, even a group of four.

· Loews: It's on the beach in Santa Monica but we don't think it has that call girl cache. It's too family-friendly. Then again, Sheen has two young daughters.

· Le Merigot: Right next to the Loews, the Merigot is a bit of a maze from the lobby to the guestrooms or to the spa or to the pool. Ladies of the evening would be totally unnoticed, that is if they didn't need to stop for directions.

· Casa Del Mar: Located right next to Shutters, this place is fancy, fancy, fancy. They even once offered ballroom dancing sessions for guests. It's also a bit more private than Shutters--perfect for the celebrity who just dropped $20,000 on "a good time."

Archived Comments:

Re: Guess The Hotel:: Call Girls for Charlie Sheen

Wow these are nice hotels.  You are suggesting johns are high style all the way -- I had no idea.


I vote for Viceroy! Cause after she finishes her "work" with Sheen.. She can just find more "work" downstairs in the lobby, I'm sure another celebrity looking for some PR that will then be denied by their PR rep is sure to be milling around.

Re: Guess The Hotel:: Call Girls for Charlie Sheen

i was going to put the Travelodge down which is just up the road from the Viceroy but would you spend $20,000 on girls and then do it at the Travelodge? No way! I can't even imagine what the Blacklight Test would reveal in that place.

Re: Guess The Hotel:: Call Girls for Charlie


all the hotels are similar products, but the Viceroy stands out as hip and sexy.  the call girls would not stand out too much in the hotel lobby at the viceroy.


Casa Del Mar is my vote!

I really must complain, Julianna, as you have created a real nightmare scenario with the above picture.  There I am, enjoying the SoCal view off my balcony, when Charlie Sheehan pops his head over the railing.  Gaaackk!

Re: Casa Del Mar is my vote!

i agree langtry. casa del mar even has some sexy ladies posing around its property on the website. so it's the obvious choice. glad to hear from you again!