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How the Cocoon Spiral Showers at Donovan House Work

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April 24, 2008 at 2:01 PM | by | ()

Pretty much all we've ever cared about in the opening of the Donovan House, the newest hotel from Thompson Hotels in D.C., is what the heck these cocoon spiral showers look like and how they work.

In the first extensive review of the hotel, which we got from Hotel Maven Flying Mermaid, we learned a lot about the property but nothing really about this "exotic" shower.

Now thanks to Scott Nash, we have some great photos and a helpful diagram of how it works:

If you looked down at the Cocoon shower, it would look like this.

· 1: The shower head is here, built in flush to the ceiling.
· 2: Soap shelf
· 3: On/off
· 4: No door, but there's a lip to keep the water from running out. Unfortunately, water does tend to pool here, so if you're not careful you end up stepping in cold water when you're done.

Thanks Scott, now we can sleep at night!

So far, the Donovan House has gotten some decent reviews--decent for a hotel that's still in a soft-opening phase. Of course, the Blackbook-Thompson Hotels love affair continues with Blackbook's recent post on the new hotel saying, "[I]f anyone can get the capital grooving, its unquestionably that world leader of fashionable hotel-ing himself, Jason Pomeranc."

Jason, our Groove Meters are on. We're watching you.

Archived Comments:

Re: How the Cocoon Spiral Showers at Donovan House

Well, I'm not an engineer or even very good at spatial awareness....but those showers seem awfully complicated for no particular reason. Do they have any benefit over those boring old square showers in which you simply step in, shower, then step out again?

Better to use the space on a two-person shower with two jets and two soap dishes so you can have a bit of company but not have to fight over who gets the water....

Re: How the Cocoon Spiral Showers at Donovan House

Incidentally, anyone know of a hotel that has two-person showers? Or two-person baths even (with the taps in the middle rather than at one end)?

Re: How the Cocoon Spiral Showers at Donovan House

Two-person baths/taps in the middle at the Mercer in New York.

Shower design

Curved showers require no curtains or step-up& slight grade change for the drain- great ideas