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Inside the Rooms at the Palazzo Las Vegas

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As we told you yesterday, we were fortunate enough to spend 48 hours inside the Palazzo Las Vegas checking out the offerings from top to bottom, far and wide.

To simplify the review, we're only going to tell you today about what was in the actual rooms at the Palazzo. In the following days, we'll have separate reports on other elements of the hotel like the restaurants, the shops, the entertainment and the spa and pool.

Get your reading glasses on!

Room Reaction
These are the biggest rooms on the strip. And they have a similar layout as the rooms in the sister hotel, The Venetian, such as the step-down living room area, remote-controlled Roman shades and the presence of three flat-screen TVs (One in the bedroom, one in the living room and a small one in the bathroom.)

We're not in love with the decor. Over in the Venetian, the original rooms had a certain Venetian flair until they were recently redone with a more modern look. The Palazzo rooms have that same modern decor but it's very busy. Like the circular pattern found on the dresser and on the rug. The rug is actually more annoying because the circular designs are raised ever-so-slightly and it gives you a weird feeling when walking on the rug barefoot.

However, we are a big fan of the L-shaped couch. That is pure perfection. The table in the corner of the room was a little small but its not even necessary since the couch has its own giant rectangular coffee table.

The bed was large and full of pillows, always our favorite. But the sheets were not as soft as we would like. The next night we hit up the Hyatt Regency in Denver and those sheets were a tad softer. Yet really, we had a hard time focusing on the minutia of our hotel room because we kept staring at the view.

Strip Views
This was our first time with an actual view of the strip and we have to say it was awesome. If you only get to Vegas once every ten years or if you only get one chance in your lifetime to visit Vegas, this view made us think that ponying up an extra $30-$50 on a room with a view is well worth it. Heck, it's worth it if you only get to Vegas once a year.

Then again, if you plan on being in your room for only the three hours that you plan to sleep each night, of course, you should save the cash for more important things, like the blackjack table.

Amenity Assessment
The room sported one of those crazy sensored mini-bars where as soon as you pull a drink or a candy out, you will be charged. The front desk makes you well aware of this system when you check-in and you even have to sign off on an agreement about this.

Other amenities included a mini-printer/fax/copier and internet access (see below.) We also liked the Master Switch next to the room door. Basically, that could turn off all the lights in the room in one switch, saving you from turning off each light individually.

However what irked us was the corded phones. The Palazzo should really upgrade to cordless. We were trying to make a call to room service from bed and the cord got all tangled up and then the phone just fell off the nightstand. We would probably prefer one less flat-screen TV and replace that with one cordless phone.

Internet Connect
$9.95 a day both wireless and ethernet. While we don't like paying for internet, we did like the fact that the connection didn't screw up our mail program. Thus we were actually able to send emails from our mailbox instead of having to go to email provider's website and manually log-in.

Bath Time
We always loved the bathrooms in the Venetian and fortunately, the Palazzo didn't change much here. There are still a bunch of mirrors, a good-sized bathtub and plenty of towels. The toilet is in a separate little room (complete with a phone) and there's a small vanity table where a hairdryer is stowed in the drawer.

Our service interactions were brief. We ordered room service for breakfast and it came up within 30 minutes, which is not bad considering how many freakin' rooms are in this place.

The Priority Service button on the phone is also swift. We dialed them at 2am in the morning because we forgot toothpaste and a razor (for the next day, we don't drink and shave!) and it was at our door within 15 minutes.

Still Working It Out
We had heard reports that the rooms in the Palazzo were thrown together fast and certain things were missing when guests checked-in. While we were there, everything seemed to be in place but they didn't actually stay in place. A handle fell off the cabinet to the minibar when we pulled to open it. And we heard another guest had her water turned off in mid-shower. Yikes.

Bottom Line
Rates at the Palazzo hover around $200 a night during the week, more if there's a convention or other show in town. The weekend rates again depend on demand but they can get pricey. For instance, a Palazzo suite (the standard suite option) is going for $429 a night.

We would stay here again but it probably wouldn't be because we loved the room. It's what else the Palazzo has going on here. And we'll have more on that tomorrow.

Our room was gratis, courtesy of the Palazzo Hotel and Casino.

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