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Four Guys Walk into a Holiday Inn Express Breakfast Bar

March 10, 2008 at 9:05 AM | by | ()

A recent column by Slate magazine advertising critic Seth Stevenson offers critique of the newly-launched TV advertising campaign from Holiday Inn Express and the brand's new "hot breakfast bar" initiative.

In the TV ads viewers get to feast their eyes on the chain's new breakfast bar offerings, as a group of male hotel guests feast their eyes on an attractive young woman across the dining room.

Hoping to win her favor, the group opts to buy Ms. Pretty Young Thing a complimentary breakfast food item and begin to argue about which item she would prefer.

From the looks of her, she probably eyes all those Madison Avenue published magazines and, therefore, keeps focus on her dress size. But with big goofy grins, the guys (fatefully) suggest to comp her on carb, cholesterol and sugar items that would send her slim figure diet spiraling out of control.

Nevertheless, the men pursue by sending over a plate of bacon just as Ms. Thing grabs for what she really wants--a yogurt, and probably a non-fat one, at that.

While the Slate columnist enjoyed the commercial's comedy, he makes note that the humor might be misconstrued as a bit lewd. Not for any X-rated content of course, (after all, Holiday Inn Express is a family travel brand, as well one for these traveling sales, er, businessmen), rather the spots seem to co-opt a hotel breakfast setting as a lame singles happy-hour.

Certainly these guys needs learn a thing or two about women, but the fact that women might not like being eyeballed by the group is more to the point - especially when kick-starting the stay with the most important meal of the day.

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