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Maxim Bungalows Sound Too Good To Be True

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  Site Where: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
March 31, 2008 at 9:05 AM | by | ()

Late last year we mentioned that the Maxim Bungalows in the Dominican Republic were ready to open, and now this hotspot for adventure, beach and a round of golf is in full swing.

We stopped by to check the TripAdvisor reviews and find out how the first guests have enjoyed their experience of Maxim Bungalows. Maybe because we just read about the new EU law which has made it illegal (not just plain dumb) for hoteliers to post positive reviews about their own hotel on sites like TripAdvisor, we were a little suspicious to see how universally positive the reviews to date have been.

Is Maxim as good as they say? A few of the adjectives thrown around by more than one guest include immaculate, comfortable, gorgeous, relaxing, stylish and gorgeous. The staff get fantastic feedback too, from the cleaners who apparently tidy the rooms several times a day, to the concierge who can organize everything, and the staff who supply endless drinks at the pool.

If this is all true--and in all the reviews, there's not a single, tiny criticism, which does make us wonder--then the opening months of Maxim Bungalows have been a big success. We probably won't believe it though until we try it out for ourselves.

Have you stayed at the Maxim Bungalows? Give us your review in the comments section below.

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Archived Comments:

Maxim Bungalows Review

I realize this post is 2 years old now, and I have no Idea how the maxim bungalows are doing right now, but I will tell you I was easily one of the first 100 if not even first of 10 guests there. My gf and I went the first week of march in 2008 and stayed for 4 nights. The maxim side of the resort is top notch, 5 star kind of place. The help was way nice to me at all times, always someone asking us if we wanted a ride somewhere on the golf carts. They picked us up from the airport in a navigator suv. The Maxim restaurant hadn't yet opened, so all of are meals were at the sun village(sister resort). The bars and restaurants were all great in my opinion. I never had to go anywhere without a pina colida in my hand. We booked all of our day trips through the sun village resort. The waterfall trip is a must for anyone. We also went snorkeling, which was just an average snorkeling adventure. Ocean World is just a walk down the beach, or golf cart ride away. Went swimming with dolphins there and that was well worth it and awesome memories. Since we had gone there just as the resort was opening, we had the entire maxim side of the resort to ourselves. I think there might have only been one other couple checked in the same time as us.