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Impress Your Bedroom Partners With a Hilton Alarm Clock

March 19, 2008 at 11:10 AM | by | ()

Hilton Hotels don't want you to forget about them once you've returned back home--so their online shop is called Hilton to Home. You can recreate a Hilton room in your own home, if you especially loved their mattresses, pillow cases, sheets and towels.

But the Hilton swag goes beyond the bedroom to all kinds of odds and ends that you didn't know you needed. Shiny, silvery tissue box covers, soap dishes and even wastebaskets are among the options, all in a special stainless material.

There's also a Hilton Family "Exclusive" Clock Radio, and the reason we're a little bit keen on this is that it claims to have "the world's easiest set alarm feature." Having missed more than a couple of trains and been late for a few planes after messing up the alarm setting on our travels, this might be what we need, if indeed it's true. Unfortunately, they do say it only works in the US, so perhaps it won't help with worldwide travels.

It's the same alarm clock used in many Hilton rooms, so you can try before you buy. At $60 (for an object less than six inches square), it could be seen as pricey, but even more so if you add the CD player which almost doubles the cost to $110.  

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Re: Impress Your Bedroom Partners With a Hilton Al

My boyfriend has a "first edition" of this alarm clock and it ain't so great, given that the self-setting clock didn't adjust to daylight savings time. Hilton supposedly corrected the problem since then, but oddly, my bf still uses his bum version.

Re: Impress Your Bedroom Partners With a Hilton Al

i think that if i ever saw this in someone's room, i would think they stole it from the hotel. why else would you have a hotel brand name on your alarm clock?

Re: Impress Your Bedroom Partners With a Hilton Al

Agreed. My other half has one that is similar, not from Hyatt, half the price, and does more than adjust to daylight savings time ... haven't got it to make coffee yet but that'll be the next step.