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Thompson Beverly Hills Gets Official Review

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  Site Where: 9360 Wilshire Blvd [map], Beverly Hills, CA, United States, 90212
February 27, 2008 at 5:52 PM | by | ()

At last the Thompson Beverly Hills has gotten an official review. Not that the reviews from our HotelMavens are any less official but we always like to see what the old standbys think. Thus, here's the LA Times review of the hotel from veteran reviewer Valli Herman.

Overall Herman liked the place...we think. Every positive was backed up by a negative. It's almost as if she was trying hard to like it but simple fundamental hotel stay necessities were not fulfilled.

Her biggest problem was with the noise:

Despite the two-year renovation, the expensively designed room still featured the original, flimsy sliding-glass door. Unless the soundproofing is improved, the hotel isn't a great buy....

I was given various explanations for the noise problem, including "we're still under renovation" and "we're hoping to double the glass next year" -- even though I was told the rooms were complete when I made my reservation.

For the record, Herman paid a special rate of $199 as part of the hotel's opening offers.

Aside from the noise issues which actually stem from the crazy traffic on Wilshire Boulevard rather than construction, Herman definitely appreciated the Dodd Mitchell design, even if it did scream "Bachelor Pad."

Some positives to note: She thought the service was excellent (which is nice to hear) and liked the tasty Joan's on Third treats offered in the mini-bar and at turndown. Since we heart Joan's in a major way, that's good to hear.

BondST and the second-floor lounge also got rave reviewes, again mostly for its design. ABH (Above Beverly Hills) the rooftop pool and bar is still not open but when it does only hotel guests and "invited" peeps are allowed.

Perhaps her overall thought of the hotel can be summed up in her first paragraph:

You've met this guy. He's well-dressed, bounces mostly between New York and Los Angeles, knows everyone. And he won't shut up. The newest high-concept hotel in Southern California, which aims at the well-traveled hipster, is a lot like that guy.

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Re: Thompson Beverly Hills Gets Official Review

i stayed there 3 weeks ago  i know its under renovations but the street noise was unberable  .i cant belive they didnt do a better job i sound proofing the glass doors  on the cannon dr side. on sunday i was woken up at 9 am by trucks picking up trash and you can hear car horns and cars all day. the room i stayed  was done but still had to be redon as it had water damage to the celling and other thing they have to touch up.staff was great. great bar seen but the noise from outside isnt worth it.ive stayed at the roosevlt at a pool cabana when theve had big parties there and it was quiter in my room there than the thompson.
what will make this hotel is the pool bar seen but will it be worth it with all the noise  in the rooms.

i like the free wi fi

Re: Thompson Beverly Hills Gets Official Review

I have to say I'm less than enthused as well.

I approached the hotel front desk with a friend this evening, and the girl literally seemed spooked that I was in front of her face. Not a good sign.

She also said they're "officially crossing their fingers" for a "late March" opening for the rooftop.

I really celebrate what the Peninsula Tokyo did with their soft opening... opening a small part of the hotel up before releasing all of the rooms, to get the staff used to the flow of the hotel. But the Thompson BH really has overdone the idea of a soft opening. They opened before the namesake was changed, with cranes still bringing things up to the building. Limited amenities might be alright for a soft opening, but this hotel has been so soft for so long...

Will it last? The truth is that it might.

But Montage BH. She's coming...

Re: Thompson Beverly Hills Gets Official Review

i liked it. i think for beverly hills, it's a great space. all the other places in town are like traditional hotels--bev hilton, bev wilshire, bev hills hotel, etc. this is truly a hip spot.

that said, i didn't sleep over and the sound issues sound awful.

also, the place is very dark. i can't believe that picture above is the same space i saw :)