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Step Aside Fiji Water and Voss: Tasmanian Rain is Taking Over

February 18, 2008 at 1:11 PM | by | ()

We promise this picture is relevant to the story. Just keep reading.

The hotel amenity business is a cutthroat business these days. Hotels are constantly trying to outdo one another with the best products and services (like Fresh toiletries in the bathroom, Frette linens on the bed and Proposal Butlers.) We imagine hotel rivalries must go something like this:

"Oh you have white green tea scent in your lobbies? Well, we personalize the scents in our lobbies to coordinate with the hotel's interior design scheme and its feng shui. So top that!"

Additionally, what goes into the mini-bar is just as important. Long ago, it used to be M&Ms, Pringles and Coke. Today its Dean & Deluca candies and sex kits.

And bottled water is no exception. While luxury hotels tend to offer either Voss bottles or Fiji Water, the newest brand on the block seems to be Tasmanian Rain.

We hear that the Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago has added the 750 ml (24oz.) bottles to every guest room and the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Swissotels in Singapore have placed orders. Also, The Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tuscon has ordered it to be sold in their five-diamond restaurant, the Ventana Room.

The water comes from (of course) the island of Tasmania and is supposed to be the purest water in the world because it never touches the ground. We're not sure how that part works (we imagine some high-tech rain water catching system) but the water is also supposed to contain traces of hydrogen peroxide, which the human body uses to stimulate its enzyme systems. Interesting.

A bottle in the Trump tower will cost you $10 so use sparingly. Another reason to drink Tasmanian Rain? Chace Crawford (seen here with designer John Varvatos backstage at his NYC fashion week show) drinks it. Omg!

Archived Comments:

Dean and Deluca and sex kits

Ha. That's like a direct reference to the mini bars and sex kits at Six Columbus.

my subconscious

is always thinking of Thompson Hotels...

actually the best tricked out mini-bar was probably the one at The Cove at Atlantis in the Bahamas. I am by no means shilling for this place because the average product price in the minibar was probably $12 but it had everything from t-shirts to shave kits to digital cameras. Crazy.

Re: my subconscious

Truly crazy, wow. Sounds like those iPod vending machines.

Re: Step Aside Fiji Water and Voss: Tasmanian Rain

I don't know. I totally took the branded condoms and flipflips at The Standard.

Oh yea, back to the topic at hand: Tasmanian Rain has been a sponsor of thecoolhunter for like, half a year or something. Hmmm