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Fire Breaks Out at Mumbai's Devastated Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Where: Mumbai, India
December 9, 2008 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, which was nearly destroyed in the devastating Mumbai terrorist attacks two weeks ago, suffered a fire on its 20th floor early this morning.

According to an Associated Press report, officials have not yet said what caused the fire (possibly a short circuit), but it was under control quickly and there were no casualties reported.

When we headed over to the hotel's own website to see if they'd updated their news page with details about the blaze (they hadn't), we learned a bit more about the efforts that have been underway since officials announced that they'd be working to get the iconic hotel restored as quickly as possible:

In addition to the recovery of guest possessions and luggage from those parts of the hotel where safety conditions allow, specialist teams have already begun clearance of damaged fittings, rubble and furniture.

Everyone involved in the work is motivated by a single-minded determination that the hotel will shine again in tribute to the people who fell during the terrorist attacks on the city of Mumbai. But the rebirth of the hotel does not simply involve bricks and mortar. Ministers and clerics of seven religions will also be contributing services and ceremonies of blessing and benediction.

Hopefully, this fire won't cause any major setbacks in their efforts to rebuild and recover.

[Photo: EPA/STR via Guardian]

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